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Heart of Ember made it to steam! Thanks for creating such a great product. You guys are great, and the support is just wonderful. Here is the link towards steam. Thanks again for all the help.


I have recently completed the first chapter of this game. I have done very little marketing since I'm a sole developer who works/goes to college. If you guys can help me out by voting on steam I would greatly appreciate it.

Click here to vote on steam: Steam Link

Click here to vote on steam: Steam Link


Hello, my name is Paolo. I'm currently developing a game called "Heart of Ember". It heavily relies on Ork Framework (I still need to replace some stock music). The game is still under development and I'm hoping to finish it by summer of 2015.
Currently, I have finished designing most of the world. I will be moving on to the battle system next. Also some of the dialogues are finished as well. Nothing is final and everything is open to change. I'm working really hard on finishing a decent project. I'm hoping to share updates and progress, about the game, later on.

Here is my website that shows a little more about the project.



Video: Early trials

YouTube Video

I know I still have a long way to go before I could finish. I will be updating my progress accordingly. Any advice given will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Paolo SC
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