• Put it on Greenlight officially last night. They are brutal over there regarding graphics. I knew that going in though :) Less than 24 hours and I have a 72% no and 28% yes votes with 4 followers. Not too bad I guess considering this is a very niche game. Well, I'll be patient and see how it goes over time.

  • Yeah I read the comments and dang, they are killing you :D That's not a bad start though. Keep on developing your gameplay and I'm sure it will change people's heart.
    Great game btw.
  • Thanks for the kind words. I knew that bunch over there would go after me on the graphics. That's okay. I have thick skin. Besides, this is for a very niche group of people. That's why I am seeing a 70% no to 30% yes ratio right now (and probabally won't change).
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    I voted for you. I know they can be brutal as the Quest HD went through Greenlight about a year ago--I wrote the quests for the Quest--and made about 15 expansions for it----so followed it on Greenlight just to see what they want and commented and maybe we'll port our Quest expansions there this fall ---they are a very demanding crowd. Elendil of Redshift bent over backward to accomodate them with the Quest and I'll have to make sure our Quest expansions if we port them are --- well---wearing bullet proof vests. : )

    Don't be disheartened. Just polish your game more. Love it and polish it.
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    Not disheartened at all. I knew how that crowd is...those young whipper snappers and their fancy graphics :) I'm just hoping the niche crowd this really is for (people like me) will find it. Eventually, I'll have it available outside of steam as well.

    Didn't know The Quest was on Steam. Now, I gotta pick it up. It looks like fun. (Never played the original version).

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  • You have my vote :)
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  • You've got my vote as well!
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  • Thanks for the votes.

    @Gil - come to think of it, you should vote for all of the ORK games on steam :)

    @Kirb - when is Dead Gear slated for release?
  • Yeah, I should - I've only just recently been able to vote on steam, never bought anything there before :D
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  • @Gil Madness!


    Entirely depends on how much I'll be crunching for my next big gig, unfortunately. Having gotten over the biggest hump in development, hopefully next year, though.
    Tactics RPG Grid Battle System for ORK
    I make Rune Fencer Illyia: http://www.runefencerillyia.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMO_Crate
  • If Minecraft has taught game designers something, it's that anything is possible in blocky textures and physics. Minecraft is still a success story despite the low 'Graphix' the hipsters are referring to. Remember that back in its early builds, it has hardly anything at all but blocks with textures on it.

    Remember to stick with something that works before thinking of unnecessary features. Good luck!

    Hope things goes well for you. You just piled yourself with more expectations after saying those words. ;)
  • Game developers need to have thick skin. Some gamers will eviscerate you over the most trivial things that don't live up to their expectations.

    Posting anything about your game in any online community predominantly made up of "hardcore" gamers is virtually guaranteed to elicit some rather brutal and nasty comments.

    Glad to hear you're not too fazed by it. :-). Next time I open up Steam I'll vote for you.
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    @Raiulyn--I remember when Minecraft had very few textures and I still was scared to death by the game play. I'll never forget how bone-chilling the sound of the zombies were and how much I scrambled to build up blocks beneath me so I could escape them at night.

    Graphics aren't everything. Of course now I bought the new graphics packs in Minecraft and my worlds are beautiful but nothing beautiful will bring back the horror I first felt and loved when I first played blocky, low textured Minecraft.

    Relative to Legendary Journeys, someone mentioned to me that these graphics are spot on for an Everquest type of game. Just mention that on Steam as you did in the beginning thread here.
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  • And, that was the style I was aiming for. It's something I knew I could do. I knew that it wouldn't please everyone. It's the 10 followers and 30% yes voters that I hope to please. Unfortunately my alpha footage and post on greenlight may have been premature.
  • @keyboardcowboy Im a professional Game dev. i do it for a living and in my free time. there is alot of aspects in ur game that will keep you from getting green lit.not so much the story per say or the graphics. its the mechanics that look really clunky to me. even the best story lines and graphics will lose out if the mechanics are clunky. im not saying this to be mean either just what i noticed from ur green light vid. Normally when u go to do green light u want to make sure at the minimum the controls and stuff for the game are done. specially if ur doing first person. Im actually making a fps controller in unreal from scratch for work and the difference between a base controller and one that feels really good is huge in your case u have a easy controller but adding in things like a head bob will give it a bit more feel. your ai needs alot of work to. once u have these few things polished even if u only had 1 lvl designed and looking final u would be able to green light it with a 3 min game play vid. all in all i think with a bit more work an polishing your game could be a hit. Once again im not trying to be mean or bash ur game it has promise just needs more polishing.
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