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I have a problem with ORK. When my characters die in battle, in the next battle they are "dead "(their HP is 0 and can't do anything), but they are up instead of being lying on the ground.

System: Turn-based Battles.

Any solution to this?
  • I had the same thing until I revamped the Start Battle Event and made it a bit more detailed than what was in the tutorial start event, which is what I based mine on. Check your combatant group's status to see if dead (or something like HP = 0, whatever makes sense for your game), and then if that's true, play the appropriate animation type on the character.

    I was calling other script things in the event so I stuck mine there, but you could do it with the event system alone if you wanted.

    This is not pretty code, and I'm sure there's a better way to write it, but it does what I need it to.

    //Check and play death anims for any dead combatants at the start of battle
    public void CheckDeadAnim(){
    for (int i = 0; i < ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.Size; i++){
    if (ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.IsBattleMember(i))
    //Check if Health is at or below 0 (status value 1 for me)
    if(ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.GetMember(i).Status[1].GetValue() < 1){
    //9 is the death anim type as defined in the project settings for me
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  • I achieved dead characters using this method:
    - Combatants ---> Player(s)
    - Base settings, Prefab settings
    - Add conditional prefab
    - Choose prefab with dead character (in 2D i set a copy of normal prefab with just dead sprite)
    - Add status requirement: Status / Death

    That should do the trick if i well remember. :)
  • i have this problem too.. if i set a conditional prefab.. it will make the 'revive' animation a mess.
  • Why? Did one of those not work or did you run into another problem?
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