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Hi guys! :)
I would like to have in ORK a randomized loot system like games as Diablo / Ultima Online / Might and Magic ^^
I think a system like that would be a fantastic step ahead for many games with complex mechanics!

To summarize:
- total item customization based on parameters (add bonus based on formulas, variables etc...)
- unique items drop depending on variables/requirement/monsters... (rare monster / higher LUCK = better drops...)
- properties assignment random/fixed/mixed (like an artifact with special ability + 2/3/4 random bonus)
- Item rarity (common item can have 1 property, rare item could be destroyed into 2 materials....)
- possibility to change single bonus (like change +10HP bonus to Fire ability - maybe added later, as it would required additional events and settings...)
More or less i am thinking about this system. ^^
If anyone is interested, we could discuss about it in this thread, then we will sort technical details with GiL (to whom i already spoke about ^^).

Cheers, Kaem
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  • I sent you a message, Kaemalux. This sounds very useful. What you mentioned about better crafting outcome is interesting to me. Agree this would improve an already fantastic system.
  • If there is anyone else interested just drop me a message, so we can discuss together how the system could be featured, of course accordingly to GiL availability and possibilities. :D
  • Would you also consider adding something similar to how GearBox generates their loot? Parameters that essentially allow for millions of combinations while only needing a couple core pieces.
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  • I don't know actually that system, if you can explain it in details i will tell you if it is like my idea. :)

    Basically, all available properties can be random assigned to the item depending on variables (player level for bonus range, monster for item rarity = higher number of properties... variables that could be used to improve loot/crafting..), so combination could be endless:
    you could kill a boss on level 5, and you get 3 properties on your sword that ranges from +3 to + 7, or kill a rare monster on level 12 with only 2 properties but one is an ability and the other ranges from 20 to 30. I think that way is quite random, but if you explain to me what do you intend with GearBox we could find a common solution. :)
  • Essentially you have your core parts. A gun for example:
    Stock type 1, Barrel type 1, Scope type 1 and so on. Each stock in the system has a parameter that allows it to get a connection with other barrel and scope types. GearBox uses manufacturers to differentiate how each base part is restricted to only so many barrels or scopes. Then manufacturers determine status for the barrels. If a barrel causes ice damage it is because of that manufacturer that makes that barrel. But that barrel can only be attacked to a stock from certain manufacturers.
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  • Uhm let's see if i get it: is it like a combine function? You get three different pieces with own bonus an you combine them in an unique item? Like haft (+2 strength) + gem (fire ability) + blade (crit + 10%) and you obtain a single sword with +2 str, fire ability + 10% crit?
    I don't know if it would require a further massive work from GiL, i will wait for his response and we will see if such a feature could be added somehow. :)
  • Everything's possible - but I think you're talking about two different kind of systems :)

    I'll need a more detailed description to look into it, e.g.:
    - what stuff are we talking about (items, equipment, etc.)
    - what settings should be able to be randomized (e.g. equipment > random status value bonuses)
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    I am thinking about equipment, actually it could be extended to items, but usually randomized loot is on armors/weapons/etc...
    The randomization would include every possible value or ability (even hidden or passive) that a combatant can have:
    - There is a chance to have different equipment rarity
    - Rarity is based on variables like scene (a difficult zone?) - monster type (boss/elite?) - hidden status value (like LUCK). This can be set by a formula also. To be more clear, the developer can choose how many rarity levels an item can have: let's say common-uncommon-rare-epic.
    - Rarity will award different number or kind of properties: let's say epic item will have 3 properties + 1 ability. Those ability are randomly chosen amongst every possible status, each rarity tab added can choose which properties and exception could include (like all status modifier-list, abilities group), these must be manually chosen by developer (one by one or including group, it could be done either ways)
    - Properties can have range (or maybe levels speaking of ability), this range could vary depending on a min/max or even by a formula. For example, strength modifier could vary from 2*player level-5*player level.
    To summarize, each item generated depends by variable/formula/setting chosen by the developer, but every item is different from each other: killing a lvl 3 boss i could receive a DEF +2 sword or a Exp+1/Crit chance +0.2%/fire spell epic helmet. :)

    I have even some simple games that use this system, if you need examples. :)

    This system is relative to loot, but i think it can simply be extended to crafting, like using materials that can specifically add fixed or random properties. Just linking crafting materials to variable value (like a stone than increase item rarity, or that maximize status ranges) you can have the feature applied to craft too. And in this way, an additional step for @robahouston system would be quite simple ( i think): if 3 specific crafting material awards 3 specific properties, you can mix them and have one single item with 3 properties merged.... In my opinion of course. :D

    EDIT: i sent you a message with a link to a sample code. ^^

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  • I think the system you're talking about might be related, at least for my understanding, to Destiny's loot system and roll for a weapons abilities. Legendary weapons get the same stats but their perks are an RNG roll. You could get a great legendary or you could just get something that isn't very good.
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    I don't mean to necro a dead thread, but I don't know if this ever went anywhere (or if it is already possible - is there a tutorial?) but I am keenly interested in this. What is described here is essentially what every ARPG like Diablo, Titan Quest, etc are all about - Somewhat random loot that keeps you hacking and slashing for more.

    Loot could be of varying quality (nonmagical, common, rare, legendary, etc). Each tier would have X amount of random bonuses and the strength of those bonuses is determined by the level of the item/player/combatant that dropped it and a bit of randomness.

    For example:

    Common (1-2 bonuses)
    Rare (2-4 bonuses)
    Legendary (5 bonuses with higher values)

    Example Item:
    Common Short Sword dropped from a level 1 enemy rolls two random bonuses
    Bonus 1 (+1 to 3 strength)
    Bonus 2 (+1 to 3 vitality)

    The only weapon you would explicitly create in ORK is the Short Sword. when the enemy dies, the current loot system would determine that a short sword dropped. The new bit would be that it is of common quality, then it would RAND(1,2), come out with 2 and then pick two random bonuses to apply to the item.

    Alternatively (and possibly much easier) you could set up prefixes and suffixes for items that each gave a bonus or set of bonuses and the loot engine would roll to give the item either the suffix, a prefix, or both:

    Mighty Short Sword of the Bear:
    Mighty: +1 to 3 strength * (scaling factor)
    Bear: + 1 to 3 vitality * (scaling factor)

    scaling factor could be a formula or the level of the combatant that dropped it, player level, etc.

    Sorry if I am breaking any rules hitting on an old thread, Just the thought of handcrafting millions of items with random stat value bonuses when the game could just do it on the fly at run time... well, the time saved is immense. Honestly, without this kind of system its tough to put out a game and call it an ARPG/Hack n' Slash.
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