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You're missing something in ORK Framework

Post your feature request here!
Small features that fit ORK Framework are usually implemented pretty fast.

If you have a big feature request, you can also contact me for commissional work - you can find more details here.
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    Heya GiL! I'm glad that you've got a forum up now!

    As you know, I've got a few requests from the unity thread and this forum, but I'll keep them here for easy reference for ya, in order of importance (just to me, of course!)

    -Let's say that our combatant had two weapons equipped, a Sword and a Staff. Is it possible with the control map to make it so that 'X' does a base attack with the Sword, and 'Y' does a base attack with the Staff? If not, could you please add an 'Attack with' > 'Equipment Part' option?

    -Loot Settings or Random Chance settings in general: Can it be influenced by formula? For instance, the chance that a piece of loot drops is also dependent on the user's Luck, etc.

    The ability to equip, and quick-switch between different equipped sets of weapons.
    For example, let's say I want to have two sets of weapons, called Set A and Set B.
    On the equipment screen, I equip a Sword and Shield on Set A. Then I go to the next tab 'Set B,' and equip a Dagger on Set B.
    Then, while in gameplay, I can push X button to switch back and forth between Set A and Set B.

    In Battle Events > Spawn Prefab > Offsets; we have Position and Rotation offsets, do you think you could add Scale offsets as well? (So I could spawn prefabs at X: -1, etc) It'd prevent me from having to make a Left and Right version of every attack animation.

    - If possible with the 4.3 2D updates, having the ability to have animated icons/portraits/GUI would be pretty cool and has the potential to look amazing.

    - Always Active Damage dealers that can deal damage to Damage Zones, linked to a combatant/ability. (Attributes, Destroy on damage, able to damage any or specific factions.) Implemented!

    -A generic Check Component node! Would be very useful to search for functions/strings/parameters, etc. Gloriously implemented!

    -For the Item Collection Dialogue settings:
    Add a 'Block Accept Button' and 'Auto-close in X seconds' option.
    Currently the item collector collects automatically (which is perfect!) if you don't set a Collection dialogue.
    However! I'd like to have both, having a dialogue box/HUD show up while still having full control. This way it'd function more as a HUD that briefly informs you of the item you just picked up! (It would be wonderful it could also print the name of the last enemy you dealt damage to)
    Implemented! :D

    - I've been tryin' to think of a decent way to limit projectiles on-screen that you'd be able to fire. (Think Megaman: he can only fire three buster shots on screen at a time. Once one disappears or collides with something, he is free to fire another.) Is there a way to do this? Perhaps adding Variables to the Use Requirements for abilities, or something similar.
    This would basically serve as an alternative Time/Reuse setting.
    With variable requirements for Abilities coming, this is now implemented! :D

    -Firing an attack with index X is currently not possible outside of combos; would be good if we could access indexes outside of combos. (Example, I have a weapon that does does a two hit combo if you tap 'X' twice. (Attack index 1 and 0).
    Now if I wanted to add a third, separate attack to that weapon that isn't part of that combo (I would make it Attack index 2, with no ability prerequisite), that triggers when you are pressing 'UP' and 'X' at the same time.))
    With force attack index, it looks like this is now implemented! :D

    - Adding an option for description Menu Parts to display the ICON of the currently selected item.
    This way one can have two separate descriptors, one to describe the item, and another little window to show what the item looks like.
    Believe this can be done with textcodes now!

    - EXP rewards scaling based on level and formula! Explanation found on this post.

    - Option for GUI Boxes to always be set to the bottom layer. Main reason for this is that if you open up your menu right after entering a new area, and the Area Name Notification comes up, it appears in front of the menu instead of behind it. In addition, the Area Name Notifications continue through Scene changes, which can get a little confusing if you go back and forth between different areas; maybe an option to kill the GUI on scene change?

    - Being able to toggle which equipment slots you want to be available in an equipment menu; so if you wanted to have a separate armor/weapons/doodads menu, you could.
    Now implemented!

    - An extra setting for HUDs just for bringing up images, not necessarily portraits or text. (Currently I'm using a portrait type HUD to bring up my 'Low Health' red screen overlay as a background image, but it'd be easier if I could JUST bring up a background image.
    Now implemented!

    - Combined Status Values! AKA: Having status values that are derived from other status values. (ie: the ATK value is determined from a formula, such as (STR + (DEX/2) x 1.5). More importantly, the formulas should be calculated whenever items are equipped, and the Preview display on equipment screens would reflect the formula. I believe you mentioned that those were on the way, though. Implemented!

    Keep up the great work!
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    A Face Direction setting without having to use the Change Position event. That way, for attacks that don't require the player to move to a target, they can just face the enemy and throw a fireball or something!

    If there already isn't a secret method to do so, I would love an event that can change the userbase mid-battle. I would like some segments of a game where the characters will automatically move to another area of a battle scene, maintaining their battle spots. Something similar to Final Fantasy X's opening battle.
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  • @Griffin
    Use rotation steps - you can either rotate a game object by a set amount of degree (Change Rotation step) or rotate it to another game object or position (Rotate To step).
  • OH. That's sweet! Rotate To step is just what I needed!
  • @Kirb
    Rejoice, Normal type status values will get a 'combined value' option - you can finally use a formula to calculate the final value of those status values :)
    But it's recommended to only use Normal type SV for the calculation, as it wont always react to changes to other values (e.g. Consumable values).
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    I am indeed rejoicing! :D

    Also thanks for the warning at the Consumable values, I'll try to make sure I avoid using them in my formulas; don't think that'll be a problem.

    Thanks for adding this feature in!
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  • I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this.
    Do you have a list of up coming features that you'll be adding to ORK2 before final release?
    I'd hate to ask for features that are already planned.
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    I have a list with a bunch of stuff - guess I'll open a new discussion for this :)

    And here it is.
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  • I'm going to be lazy because I don't want to try and search the giant thread on the Unity forums. Is there a way to construct a journal in the current version of ORK or is it planned?
  • Yes, that's already there!

    You can use logs to create all kinds of journals, quest diary, books, etc.
    Logs are separated into log types, each log consists of multiple log texts - you can use the event system to learn log texts (or complete logs).

    Log types, logs and log texts can be found in the World section in the ORK Framework editor.
  • Cool. I'll take a look at that.
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    I would like to request for a page memory in ork2. Whenever I leave and come back from testing a change, I always have to navigate back to the specific page. It would be great to avoid this.

    Edit: Also, it would be cool for an player input option. So you can define variables as custom names.
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    If we're talking editor QoL changes, another nice little change would be the ability to drag-select multiple nodes in the node editor and move them as a group. I keep finding myself trying to do it in events with 50+ nodes!
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    Tactics RPG Grid Battle System for ORK
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  • Good ideas - the editor features will definitely come soon.
    Player text input will also come sooner or later (in the event system).
  • compatibly to Unity 4.3
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