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    ... what? :D
    Can you please give some more details on what you're trying to do?
    Btw, you can also change/check game variables in formulas, and display them in all kinds of texts (dialogues, HUDs, ...) using text codes.
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    Love the new ORK!
    Feature request (unless it's already possible):

    1.HUD for displaying turn order in turn based combat. Also seems like turn order doesn't calculate
    future turns really. For example in a 1v1 fight a delay attack that pushes back the target's turn order by 1 doesn't seem to do anything.

    2.Show targets HP or stats in combat selection HUD.

    A manager to setup and organize variables and then use them in events like described earlier would be great addition too.

    Also will there be some scripting documentation when it's out of beta like ORK 1 had?
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    Not at home at the moment, but basically what I mean is basically, have a variable associated with the ability. Like you have 3 different types of punches. The first 2 can be based on your stats, but maybe the third one can be purely based on a single variable.

    Now that I think about it, and not in a rush to sleep... I wonder if it's possible to just make a separate stat variable and change it in the bonus status variable. But if I recall correctly, you aren't able to do bonus status variables on active skills.

    And when I mentioned the game variable thing, I meant like a game variable manager or something for quick and easy looking. It'd also help with keeping track of them better and I couldn't find anything that existed in it as it is.
    Here's an example of what I would use it for.

    (ATK - DEF + 10)* SkillAttackPowerVariable * (PassiveSkillVariable)

    The skill would be combo #2. Take SkillAttackPowerVariable as an integer or float for that skill to multiply to. Then the passive skill could enhance the attack power even more or cripple it.

    And looking at it again, it looks like passive bonus settings, you can't change (temporarily or permanently) the stat, but you can add to it. So I guess that'd be nice to have as well.
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  • Hey, been using Ork 2 for a lil bit and stalking the boards for a while but decided to sign up to throw in my ideas on some wishes for O2. Gil may already have some of these planned but if not perhaps it would give some ideas on stuff to add. :p
    I'm sure some of these are probably already possibly in O2, feel free to point out the ones that are.

    Options - I'm not too familiar with ORK atm and I dunno if it's doable via events either, I would imagine it could be tho. n options menu for the basic options in most games such as Sound volume for music, sfx and what not, Control remapping and anything else you'd usually find in an options menu.

    Timers - A timer would appear on the screen counting down to a set value such as 5 minutes. A timer to have things done in a certain amount of time. I.e. go to location B and retrieve object and then return to location A.

    Name/change name input - At the start of the game the player can input a name for the player. Later on through events the name can be changed.

    Scroll Down/Up Text - Think Star Wars intros

    Play movie - an event to call a movie file and being able to wait till the movie si finished to execute any other command (like most options in ork already have).

    Action Battle System - Think Skyrim or any other game that implements one.

    Vehicle options - Able to mount in word objects, cars, horses, turtles or whatever. (I'm pretty sure this can be done in ork via events but I figured I'd throw it in to see your ideas on it)

    They're a few ideas I've had
  • All of that is pretty much much possible via Events or through a few custom scripts (although obviously stuff like Play Movie would require Unity Pro.)

    Scroll Down/Up text you can probably just set a GUI and set the Move-in/Move-out.
    Real-time battle is pretty much in or in the process of being put in.

    Timers, Vehicles, that's just events stuff.

    Options menu, would be nice actually. I was probably going to try and make one myself but wasn't sure how to go about it. Not sure if it necessarily suits the framework though.

    Name/Change name input can be done via scripting, I think somebody on the Unity thread posted their method...
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  • Anyway to get tactics style combat implemented with the other battle types? i mean combat like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, and Wakfu?
  • Phase-type battles can be used to that effect, I believe.
    Tactics RPG Grid Battle System for ORK
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    Thanks Kirb for filling me in on what's probably possible in my last request post :)

    I have another request/idea for O2. I looked through the system just before posting but couldn't see a way to do it. I know you can change to a different font but would it be possible Gil, to include the ability to change font per menu/gui/dialogue? So each and every menu/dialogue/text option (perhaps it could be included in the text options) can have it's own unique font. I may be looking past it but I don't think that's doable atm. Again, I may be wrong here.

    P.S. Gil thanks for the reply to tutorial requests :)
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    All fonts are determined by the Unity GUISkin that you set to the Menu/GUI inside the framework, ORK isn't what handles fonts. If you want multiple fonts and window types, etc; you'll need to make a Unity GUISkin that fits your needs.

    There's quite a few tutorials you can find for'm.
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    Tactics RPG Grid Battle System for ORK
    I make Rune Fencer Illyia: http://www.runefencerillyia.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMO_Crate
  • Thanks for the pointer man. Still a noob at Unity, appreciate the input Kirb. :)
  • Also, when I talked about seeing the GameVariables, I meant a list so we can easily see them, like formulas, status values, etc.
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    I've got three feature requests if it's not asking too much, firstly would be the ability to use a status value for energy during sprinting. Secondly, an "options" menu option for the main menu. Lastly, the ability to add buttons to menus that will change a Unity variable, where you can type in the variable, such as QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(), then of course the options to set it to, so that developers can give players the option to adjust screen resolution, quality settings, volume levels, whatever they want. Or at least have some of the basic options such as quality levels, audio volume, etc. Shouldn't be too difficult.
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  • Something I think would be really useful, a way to test scenes without going through the title menu, maybe select one combatant as a "temporal player" (so you don't have to go through making an event to add the character to the active group,etc.) and launch the scene directly.
  • One feature I am looking forward to is the visual HUD editor. Could really use that!
  • @Kale
    You should be able to do this with the new Object Variables.

    Like Kirb mentioned, Phase Battles are what you're looking for. But there's currently no move command in ORK, that's coming after the beta!

    There already is a way, take a look at this new how-to :)
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