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I'm having trouble setting up my custom character and camera controllers. I have my behavior names set and control set to none, and ORK blocks the character/camera movement in my scene during menus. The problem is that my player isn't connected to my camera.

I'm using a first person setup and when I hit play I can move the camera around with my mouse and the player with the keys, but the player is running around not attached to the camera.

I'm using a both a custom character controller and a custom camera controller but I have the same problem if I use a default ORK character controller. However everything works fine with the default ORK camera, but I really wanted to use this control script that smoothes out the mouse movement. The camera itself is in the scene and isn't parented to anything, so I'm not sure why its not moving along with my player. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If your camera script isn't connected to the player, you need to connect it. How this can be done depends on your camera script - e.g. if the script finds the player via a tag, you need to set the player's prefab to use that tag.

    In some cases you may have to change small things in the camera script to get the player object from ORK Framework. To receive the current game object representing the player, you can use the following code:

    GameObject player = ORK.Game.GetPlayer();
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  • I'm using this script: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/SmoothMouseLook

    I don't really see any place where I can connect it to the player.
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    You're right, this camera control doesn't use a player object at all - I guess you'll have to use a different camera control script ... or implement updating the position to the player's position yourself.
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  • Oh ok cool, that would explain why if I parented the camera to the player he wouldn't move in the direction the camera was facing. thanks for helping clear things up!
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