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I need to be able to add dialogues when you collide with or tap on a sprite in mobile in Makinom. How can I do that?

How add audio when you collide with or tap on a sprite in Makinom? "Tap on" = hit with mouse.

I need to be able to add a simple task when you collide with some objects in Makinom and a way to let the player know that task is finished. Somewhat like quests but simpler.

I also need a simple inventory system. So I can add power ups and pick ups in the game, not just food. : )

How to do? : )


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  • You'd set up your schematic with your dialogue, audio, etc. and add it to your sprite with an interaction machine.
    E.g. the Mouse Down or Mouse Up As Button start types would suite tap mechanics. The sprites need a collider (or collider2D) for that.

    For starting schematics on collission, there's the collission machine. Or, if they're triggers, you can use a trigger machine.

    Btw, machines can use multiple start types, e.g. you could play a schematic when entering and leaving a trigger.
    Also, if you want to use the same schematic multiple times with different resources (e.g. play a different audio clip), you can use resource overrides in the machine's inspector, or play the audio clips via sound types and use sound assignments on the game objects :)
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