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Greetings everyone!

UPDATE - First ingame video created -->> https://youtu.be/BDdroGLRFDw

So now I decided to create this page (mainly for myself to look back more as a blog).

Now to the background....

My name is Mikael and I am 40 years old and I am living in Sweden (so excuse my not so perfect english ;))

I have been a long time RPG player and MMO player and I must admit that the last years trend to make games easier and easier without having to work for your achievements have annoyed me alot. I have often been thinking that it would be nice to be able to be part of making a game someday. Now such offers would not come by themself, especially when your skills when it comes to gamemaking was absolutely zero ;) Either way 2 months ago I got this crazy idea that hey I shall try to create myself a game o.O

My first challenge was to find out which engine I would use and if there was tools that could assist me since I am useless when it comes to scripting, I am no modeler, no animator, no sound artist, no fx creator.. I am just basically a guy with alot of ideas on how I would like the game to be.. so I prefer to call myself a Creative Director/Designer :)

So here I am now 2 months later with a massive task upon me, many hours spent just trying to figure things out of it's working. Many thanks to GIL for having such amazing support and taking time to answer all my questions and also fixing/improving Ork based on things we have seen during our discussions. I would also like to thank wtyson for taking time to explain things to me, much appreciated!

Ok enough rabbling now over to the game:

The pillars for my vision for The Curse of Ashenby are the following...

# Hardcore game with two difficulty modes 1.) Normal = One life and if you die, then you need to restart 2.) Easy = You can respawn 2 times until you die permanently and need to restart.

# High fantasy game where your choices makes huge differences.

# I am aiming to have Realtime Combat, but I want to have a tactical aspect in it, which means that I will use a slow motion option during the combats that allows you to have some more time to take tactical decisions without pausing the game completely.

# Having the world to be open in the sense that I will not dictate where and when the player will go with his character (except from the beginning, that I see as a tutorial). Also the players will have to learn that you are not supposed to be able to beat every enemy in a scene just because they could beat the ones before, so they must learn to adapt and decide that hmm it might be better to return to this bastard later when I am more experienced.

# I have taken inspiration of the rogue type games, but I have always thought why not make the graphics better. Also in my game I am influenced by paper and pen roleplaying games in general.

Ok time for some screenshots, but keep in mind that I am an absolute newbie when it comes to the game making, and the results are after that ;)

Game website: http://deathmaskstudios.com/

In the village of Ashenby

In the outskirts of the village of Ashenby looking towards the quarry

In this game small goblins are lethal too, especially for a warlock :(

Danger imminent, Goblin Mage has launched his Flame Missile towards me

Casting Magical Armor buff upon myself

Casting Minor Heal spell upon myself

Inside the quarry of Ashenby, where a goblin mage performs a ritual

Another image from the quarry

Closing in on the worksite inside the quarry

A goblin miniboss that supervises the workers in the quarry

The entrance to the tent of the goblins commander

The first stumbling steps to create the UI

That's what I have to share sofar :) Most of the time I have spent has been doing the boring but very much needed basis of the game. In my case tons of formulas and status values.

I will keep this post updated, WHEN I feel I have something new to contribute with.

Sorry for a long post!

/Thrilled aka Mikael

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