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I'm trying to do this but I'm not successful. Can anyone help me?

"The HUD should only be displayed when the combatant’s HP aren’t full? Use a Status Requirement in the HUD’s Display Conditions to check for the HP being less than 100 %.

To only display the HUD for a short amount of time when the combatant received damage, you can use Status Effects. E.g. create a Damaged status effect that ends after a few seconds and is added by all abilities that deal damage. Check for that status effect in the Status Requirements of the HUD."
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  • In your Combatant HUD's Display Conditions, click on Add Status Requirement to add a status requirement check.

    For HP<100%:
    - set <i>Status Needed to Status Value
    - select your HP status value
    - set Comparison to Is Less
    - set Value to 100
    - set Check In to Percent

    For checking a status effect:
    - set Status Needed to Status Effect
    - select the status effect you want to check for
    - enable is Applied

    The damaged status effect would just be a dummy status effect without doing any status stuff. The only setting you'd use is the End After setting:
    - set End After to Time
    - set the End After Time e.g. to 1 to end the effect after 1 second
    The status effect now needs to be added to all abilities and items that damage the target and apply it to the target.
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  • I did it! Thanks!
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