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I'm trying to do something like this... Only the part of the character status but unsuccessful because it's broken into 4 columns. When I set my status to list it doesn't break into columns. How can I break it?


BTW... Trying to improve my end battle menu. Mine is so basic (a la DQVIII). I wantlittle bit like this... Any mini tutorial how to set up like this?


Thanks! :D

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  • Displaying the stats as a list will just list them. If you want to make columns, just place them individually where you want them.

    The battle gains dialogue is currently a bit limited. You can do formatting stuff with text codes.
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  • So I need to make 4 GUI Boxes for the stats?
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    Not boxes, elements. So instead of listing all your stats in one status element, you need to use a separate element for *each* stat, each stat name, stat increase, etc. Once you have those, manually move each element into the column configuration you want.


    So like here, each one of these is its own element. This one is for the DEF: 8 value you see. Each one of these listed stats is a new status element, showing the name (%n) and the current stat amount (%). All 10 are then just manually moved into a column format.

    ...And i only now notice i listed atk and def twice. OMG.
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