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    I'm using the ORK Demo to test this--since am not familiar with setting up a Grid-based battle, could use a little advice on how to set up the Battle Grid Settings and Grid Cell Types.

    I'm using Hexagonal. How do I set up the offsets and the blocked cells?

    How do I put a grid-based battle in a scene? I don't see an option in the Scene Wizard.

    How do I place my combatants--in this case Brown Pants, Evil Pants and all other Pants in the grid?

    And how do I move them?

    Sound like a newbie, I know. But I am. : ) Rereading the instructions--I see not all is in yet. Right?

    How do I do whatever I can do so far? : )
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    Thanks for working on this GiL.
    On the square cells, wouldn't diagonal movement be needed? Like a queen or king or bishop in chess moving? Been a long time since i played any chess type movement games but one forward then one right/left then forward and left/right, etc would be way too jagged a diagonal line movement wouldn't it??? Or is there/will there be some other way to move that appears to be a more smooth diagonal for reaching adjacent square cells off the corners of the squares? Or am i all messed on this? heh.
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    @Catacomber : You Newbie! :) Hows it feel to be back at square one? :) Heh heh! Love the pun! :) Of course, i am back at square one myself too here so i am, of course, JUST kidding ya. :)
    Those are some great questions Catacomber!!!!! Hopefully Gil can help us out...
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  • @Catacomber
    I believe setting up the grid in the scene is the only thing available at the moment. No combatants or anything just yet.

    Diagonal movement using square grids isn't very common in Tactics RPGs; Tactics Ogre/Final Fantasy Tactics/Fire Emblem/etc all operate using square grids and non-diagonal movement. If you take a look at them, you'll notice that they tend to avoid the jagged line jankiness: they move to the new square by whichever path requires the least amount of direction changes. (Generally 2 max, but if that would cut too wide a turn, then up to 3.
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  • Tested it on terrain. Looks beautiful! Proper Grid curves.
    (Real Grids have curves!)

    It would be nice to be able to use Grid outside combat as well.
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    I was thinking of say a flying dragon unit moving to a square far away too but ok.

    Good idea on hoping to have grid movement stuff outside of combat too.

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    I'll be working on the grid shapes setup this week - depending on how fast that goes (needs own editor stuff, which always takes some time :D), the first part of the battle implementation should start end of this week or next week.

    As far as the scene setup goes, is everyone satisfied or do you think you'll need more tools for grid manipulation?

    You can only set up the grid in the scene for now - there's no battle implementation yet (it's only been a week :D). This beta version is for testing the scene setup and grid manipulation tools that are described in the blog post :)

    For now it's only horizontal and vertical movement on square grids. Diagonal could be implemented at a later time.

    Could be implemented at a later time, for now it's battle only :)
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  • @gamingislove, I think the scene setup looks pretty good! I tried generating a grid on the Field scene in the tutorial resources and... well, obviously there are going to be some limitations when it comes to the size of a scene if we want to be able to have a battle anywhere in that scene. ;-) It kept freezing up the Unity Editor any time I touched anything.

    Should a large obstruction such as a building (assuming interiors are in separate scenes) use Blocked cells or Empty cells (essentially cutting a hole in the grid)?

    Also, how will the grid handle obstacles that don't fill an entire cell but should prevent movement in one or more directions? A fence or an interior wall, for example. There are going to be some significant level/environment design implications as a result of using the grid battles, so I'm trying to get an idea as to how closely the level design needs to conform to the battle grid.
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    When creating very large grids, the Unity editor might freeze due to the amount of displayed cells - a simple solution would be to not display the prefabs or grid at all (there are options for that in the inspector).

    How you display stuff like walls or interior is up to you. An empty cell (without prefab) should also have Blocked enabled, otherwise it'll still be available for movement.

    Currently, there are only completely blocked cells. Managing individual direction blocks between cells is something that can be added with future updates, it wasn't part of this proposal :)
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  • Thanks, @gamingislove. Will there be an option to only show the grid prefabs within a certain radius of the character or cursor? I know, probably not in the scope of this proposal. ;-)

    No problem with having only completely blocked cells; I was just thinking ahead as to how to design the area maps. I'll be using click-to-move on a NavMesh outside of combat, and the default agent radius is 0.5m. So with 1m squares, if I place such obstacles in the middle of the cell, it should be pretty close to the out-of-combat movement in terms of how close you can get to the wall/fence/obstacle. (I'm generally turning that default radius down to 0.35 or 0.4 to make sure that doorways and stairs have a little more walkable space)

    For anyone planning to use a square grid, I would recommend checking out how the areas are designed in Wasteland 2. They did a pretty good job of making it look like it wasn't built on a grid; if you turn on the battle grid display, you can see how everything neatly fits on the grid.



    Wasteland 2 was built with Unity (originally 4, but updated to 5 with the Director's Cut), and by watching how the characters move, you can see that the out-of-combat movement uses a NavMesh of some sort; when combat begins, characters are often not in the middle of a square or sometimes right on top of a grid line. But as soon as they start moving in combat, they move from the center of one cell to the next.
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    Small Status Update
    Grid shapes are implemented, I'll probably convert the whole use/affect range settings to reusable settings.
    I'm currently down with a small sickness, so not much progress for now.

    Yeah, future updates - for now there'll only be the stuff mentioned in the group buy proposal :)
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  • @GiL, rest and get well ;)
  • Small Status Update
    I wasn't able to do much (showable) work on the grid battle system the last weeks. I've mostly reworked the use/affect range settings into a new, reusable setting to prevent it from getting to clustered due to the grid battle additions.
    I've already started with the actual battle implementation, but there's nothing to show yet (mostly internal stuff).

    Since I'll be gone from April 12 to April 25, there wont be much progress the next weeks either. I should be able to release a beta version of actual grid battles (not feature complete) mid to end of May.

    I hope I'll be able to release a fully featured beta version by mid June - since I'll be moving in the 2nd half of June I wont be able to do much for at least 2 weeks :)
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