• Yay! Can't wait to try this out. :D
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  • This is exciting!
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    Ahh! I'm very excited. I'm so bogged down with Dead Gear work at the moment that I won't be able to play with it for a little while but this is looking fantastic. :D
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    Tactics RPG Grid Battle System for ORK
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  • Everything is looking really good. Thanks for the update GiL!
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  • does anyone have this up and running that i could check out? Not interested in coding anything, just want to see it at work.
  • This is cool! Can't wait to get something going.

    Will there ever be an example demo with the Egg characters?
  • my gridMoveCommand file is missing its script - what script is supposed to be attached to event files?
  • You need to add the ORKBattleEvent script to it.
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  • @gamingislove any chance you can throw up your demo scene as well?
  • weirdest thing - when i import the demo scene, then import the beta files over it, my character can't attack.
  • @chud575: yeah, it looks like any Ability with a range can't be selected (Small Heal is the only one I can use). I've tried changing the range settings but nothing seems to do the trick.

    I've set up a grid in the Field scene and assigned the first turn-based battle to it. I've added the Grid Move command to the player's battle menu, and I can select it but I cannot select a grid cell. I've set it up so that I can select cells either with the arrow keys or clicking the mouse button, but if I click on a cell, I get an error message in the console:

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    At any rate, I think we either need an updated demo package that is set up to use the battle grids, or we need a guide on what should be changed in the existing tutorial assets package to get it up and running. I've spent about half an hour trying to make it work with the tutorial files, but I don't want to sink a whole bunch of time into it right now.
  • You'll need to check the use ranges of your abilities - or set up a default use range that uses the grid settings.
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  • Will, I be able to change if an ability will be blocked off by line of sight (impassable terrain) or not. for example, if a spell can reach around corners or if it's blocked by walls or sight?

    How does it work at the moment? do abilities just hit any block no matter what's blocking the shot?
  • @gamingislove -- I set up a use range for the Attack ability and even pushed the grid range out to 12 and I still couldn't select the ability from the menu.

    Also, I can't actually select a grid cell when using the Grid Move command. I made sure that I set up a default move range and I even gave the player combatant his own range. When I select Move, the Info Text that I entered appears, but I can't select a cell either by clicking the mouse or using the arrow keys (both of which I enabled).

    Obviously I'm missing something in my setup, but I can't figure out what it is.
  • @Rogerio
    Currently blocking cells don't block possible target cells behind it. That's something for future updates.

    Make sure you've got deployment cells in your grid. Otherwise the combatants don't have cells they can be placed at at the start of the battle.
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