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I'm about to start trying before buying Ork Framework , but before that, i compiled all the tutorials in your web page in a form of manual so i can read it on my iPad while testing on computer.
I'm gonna read and test all tutorials before buying your framework. So, if anyone is interested in having the "Ork Framework Manual" in PDF or Docx (698 pages) they can download it here.

I hope there's no problem in sharing this:)

I also already contributed$$$ for the Grid Battle System project. I think this should be included in ORK, successfully payed or not. It's the "only" type of combat that is missing in your framework and will attract lot of buyers.

I was trying to find a Grid Battle System framework for Unity and i found ORK, although it doesn't support it already i hope it does in the future and just then you'll have a "complete" RPG framework:)

Well, it's time to start reading the manual myself...





Links to view/dowload:

Lossless Docx, 39Mb:


PDF, 11Mb:


P.s. Just added a cover page so it looks more like a real book...

THX and continue the great job that i think you're doing...:)
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