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So, is there an appropriate technique for handling traditional d20/D&D races in ORK?
Research in the forums on the topic suggests that you create Race & Size as 'Defense Attributes'
(see Here: http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/1269/defense-attribute-question-solved/p1)

but in traditional d20/Pathfinder/D&D, Race gives you offensive & defensive bonuses, and feat/skill points on level advancement. This means the best way to define a race would be through some kind of development tab.

Is there a way to add custom 'development' tables to the game? Or is there a way to add more than 1 status development to a combatant (1 for Race, 1 for Class)?
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    Gil is in the process of moving to a new city until about June 30th. There's an announcement here somewhere. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will answer your question. I don't use race or size.

    I'm sure Gil will be able to help you when he's back in the office so just hang on.
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    You can set up reusable development for status values and abilities and use them for your different combatants.
    Status value developments can be set up in Status > Status Development.
    For abilities, you can define them in Status > Ability Development (i.e. learning abilities at certain levels) or use ability trees (Status > Ability Trees).

    A combatant can have 2 developments - 1 from the combatant and 1 from the class.
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    First off - i assume we're talking about this section, found in Combatants->Combatants


    Are you saying that when you select a class, it actually handles status development automatically? And then under Status Value Settings->Status Development, this allows you to add a 2nd status development?
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  • In ORK, a combatant has a base level and a class level.

    The base level handles the status development defined in the combatant's settings (Combatants > Combatants), the class level handles the status development defined by the class (Combatants > Classes). Both are optional and can be used at the same time.

    I.e. you can have a basic development bound to the combatant and give additional status development from the class. E.g. have a fighter class give additional development to STR upon leveling up the class.
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