I have a simple enemy character with schematic Check Distance from enemy to player (less than 5) = Play sound. I have ticked "Ignore Y Distance" but it doesn't seem to be ignoring any of the axis (X,Y or Z)? Possible bug? Or am i just being an idiot? :D

  • can you elaborate on this?

    Is the sound playing?
    What indicates the axis are being ignored?
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  • Sorry, yes. Yes the sound plays fine from the success of check distance node...


    Check Distance (from Machine object(player) to Actor(enemy), is less than value of "5" > Success = "Play Audio"

    That all works fine it checks the 5 units...However, I don't want the machine to trigger on the Y axis...On the Check Distance node I have "Ignore Distance: Y, ticked and "Ignore Radius" ticked.

    So basically I have a 3 story building...When the player is 2 floors above the "enemy" it plays that machine (which it shouldn't as Y axis ignored?)

    It just doesnt seem to be ignoring the Y axis (height), or ignoring any of the (X,Y,Z) for that matter.

    I may not be using it correctly! Thanks again!
  • No, it's doing what it should - it's ignoring the Y axis for the distance check and treats both game objects as being on the same Y value - i.e. only X and Z are really used for the check.

    Sounds like you want to check the Y axis distance as well :)
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