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I guess most of you guys'n'gals will like this:

The DRM system will end with the beta!

The system itself worked great during the beta phase, but I know having a DRM system in a development framework is quite a hassle.
I just hope that pirates will use the still available free (limited) version to test the product, but they're no reason to punish the other users.

Code access
I'm still reviewing if you'll get full code access, or if some of the core functionality (nothing gameplay related - stuff like editors, serialization, assets, etc.) will be only delivered as a DLL.

Speaking of DLL - you'll still be using the DLLs in Unity. The code base is pretty big and it'd take Unity a while to compile everything, every time you change something (not even ORK related).
You'll get a MonoDevelopment project that'll compile the DLLs. Access either through SVN (most likely) or I'll send out the latest version (as it was with ORK 1).
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    Sounds good!

    The DRM personally didn't bug me at all, and I'm usually pretty opposed to DRM. I thought you did it in a pretty unintrusive way; and I'm really happy that it worked well for you in the beta phase. :D

    Looking forward to more code access, though! (And the watermark removal :P ) As long as we have full access to the stuff that matters, I personally don't mind a little blocked access if you think it necessary.
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  • Hurrah and hooray! I too didn't think the DRM was that bad, but it was going to be somewhat of a pain when I eventually got to switching between testing Mac vs. PC builds, so hurrah again!

    Agree with Kirb that I'm fine with non-gameplay stuff being DLL-only.
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    As a practicalist, I think there should be full access to the code as all the other editors out there have full access and although none of them in my humble opinion compare to ORK, that is a feature some of them use to advertise to generate sales. If there's no practical reason to reserve any code, I think it should be available.

    As long as I can get the stellar help I've gotten, that doesn't really matter to me. But as mentioned, the editors out there use code accessibility as a selling point and maybe it is a good selling point.

    I leave it up to you, gil. I do feel more comfortable having full code access in ORK1 because I can check things and try to understand things but basically I just want things to work and I don't care how I get there as long as I can get there.

    Using the old 2d editor I was using, I had no access to the code, but have had over five years of productive game-making with that editor that generated sales and happy customers and they still want more. So all I care about is that things work, my players are happy and I get some income to invest in new graphics. : )
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  • To be honest and in my opinion I don't actually find the DRM intrusive at all, in fact I don't even notice it. I wouldn't have a problem if you kept it in and I'd understand the reasons why if you wanted to.
  • Well, there are only two things about the DRM I don't like much, one is that if I am away from home without internet (camping with my laptop for example), I can't work on my project. The second may or may not be from the DRM but I wish I could leave the ORK window open while I work instead of closing it and re-opening it. But in the end, if the DRM system could let you use ORK for like 5 days without being online as long as it was activated previously, or if it wouldn't build the game without being online, but everything else was ok offline, either way I would be completely fine with it (I really like the idea of it not being able to build correctly without being online, then people can use it all day long but can't release a game using a pirated version.) We're all developers here, and we know how much of a pain in the backside piracy can be. When 5 million people have your software and you've only sold 50 copies, it gets a bit annoying, lol. So if you can keep the DRM and make it so that people can use ORK while offline, I'd say that would be a much better option than just removing DRM.
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