Hi, quick question regarding the GetAbilities method on a combatant object. I don't really understand what the addTemporary parameter is and what I should be putting in here. Anybody know?

  • The addTemporary parameter defines if temporary abilities will also be included. E.g. using IncludeCheckType.Yes will include them, IncludeCheckType.No will not include them.
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    Sorry about hijacking this post, I`m trying to use the same method, but have no idea what UsableIn parameters should I pass. Can anyone help?
    This is what i`m trying to use:

    combatant.Abilities.GetAbilities(InBattle, IncludeCheckType.Yes)

    Answering my on question:

    List<AbilityShortcut> abilities = combatant.Abilities.GetAbilities(UseableIn.Battle, IncludeCheckType.Yes);
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