Alright so been messing with ork since yesterday and gotta say it is amazing best money I have spent so far. My question however is vehicles I want to make an airship for my over world map. I have an airship and I want to walk to it and get in it flys to an altitude and sits there then I can use my own controller for it to make it go forward back left right and raised and lower altitude much like final fantasy 7 then if a button is hit it while in a collider with tag it will land and my party steps out.

Pretty much like this

I'm not asking for anyone to do it for me just wondering if it's posible if so a little direction would be helpful thanks.
  • Yes, that's possible using the event system. There are many different ways to do this, but in short, you'd do this:

    Board airship event (e.g. interaction on the airship):
    - either destroy the player or mount the player to the airship and disable/hide it
    - add/enable your airship control components to the airship and let ORK know about them (e.g. to block controls when you open the menu)
    - set a global bool variable to true, so that you can reference elsewhere that you're currently in the airship

    Land airship event (e.g. as a global event using Key event type and the global bool variable as condition):
    - disables/removes airship control (also from ORK)
    - moves the airship to the ground
    - spawns the player or unmounts and enables/unhides it
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  • Oh that's perfect I didn't think that way stupid me i will give this a shot when I get home from work thanks so much
  • If you pull it off, please make a tutorial! I'd be very interested. :)
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