I'm trying to write a custom control script. I understand that using DeltaMovementTime is needed when moving inside Update(), which is once per frame. Is there some sort of equivalent if I want to do my movements inside FixedUpdate? I know unity has its own versions, Time.deltaTime and Time.fixedDeltaTime, but I'm not sure exactly how those relate to ork and ORK's DeltaMovementTime, and whether there's a FixedUpdate() equivalent.
  • You can just use DeltaMovementTime for both, although using ORK's delta times is only needed if you change ORK's time factor or use different difficulty time factors.

    DeltaMovementTime is based on Unity's Time.deltaTime, which will return the correct delta time based on where it's called - i.e. in FixedUpdate it returns fixedDeltaTime.
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