I'm back in ork framework after 1 year of pause.
I have not seen all the news yet and I thank GIL for this superb asset, in the top 3 of the best assets of unity.

From memory I don't think this is possible, but can we control time, much like this asset
Of course not as complete, just in some action, a bit like superhot

If it's technically possible I will look at it more seriously.
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    In Ork the only way I've found to adjust time is by using the Base / Change Time Scale in the event editor.

    It works to alter time either in ALL of Unity or if you enable Set ORK Scale it will adjust time for Ork related events.

    So you could technically create something similar to Superhotgame in Ork using this method, in theory.

    https://vighorusgames.com/devpublic/speed test.PNG

    There is likely more to it but by checking the combatant speed repeatedly you can know when they move and then set Ork Speed to 1 or whatever to make everything in ork Move again. The slowest Ork seems to go is 0.0001

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