I'm not sure whether I've misunderstood the purpose of a method or not, or if I've done something wrong.

I have an ability set to level up type: spend, and linked to a specific experience status. Within the abilityShortcut there is a method CanLevelUp returning a bool value, and I had expected this to return TRUE if the player possessed enough experience to level up the ability, FALSE otherwise.

Not sure if I've set things up wrong on my side but it seems to return true all the time. Is this expected behaviour?

  • CanLevelUp returns true if the ability is generally able to level up, i.e. the level up type isn't None and it hasn't reached its maximum level.

    What you're looking for is the CanLevelUpSpend function, which takes the Combatant that is checked for the points as an argument, e.g. ability.CanLevelUpSpend(combatant).
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  • ah yes, thank you. The clue's in the name really isn't it... ;)
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