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Makinom 1.8.0 is here: release notes


A new version of Makinom will be out soon (alongside ORK 2.11.1), bringing Unity 5.6 compatibility, multi-window editor and other new features.
  • Unity 5.6
    Makinom will support and require Unity 5.6.
  • Editor: Multi-Window
    You can now optionally open multiple Makinom editor windows through the Makinom (Multi-Window) menu item or the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+M.
    All open Makinom editors will work on the same project and data. E.g. useful if you want to check multiple schematics or view some data side-by-side.
  • Input Keys: Content
    Input keys will now define multi-language content (name, description, icon) instead of just an internally used name for the input key.
    There are new text codes to add the content information to texts.
  • GUI Layers
    GUI layers can optionally override the base GUI scale/anchor settings.
    E.g. use this to anchor different parts of your HUD to the corners of the screen, to keep them there even if the aspect ratio changes.
  • Text Codes
    New text codes to add the current date and time in a defined format.
    E.g. yyyy-MM-dd H:mm:ss would result in 2017-01-22 17:05:01.
  • Save Games
    Support for Custom save game solutions by using defined static functions that handle your save/load mechanics.
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