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So I open this thread to not spam many threads at this Alpha Testing that some people are trying the game. So my questions:

1) Is it possible in quests to have updates not only after I finish a task, but a part of a task, example: Quest: Cut 10 wood. When I cut the 1st wood to get 1/10 wood as a notification.

2) Marker in navigation bar for the Village to be visible with a marker from very far away, i ve seen the custom navigation interaction, but I cannot understand how I let the navigation bar what element I want to use (lets say i have the custom marker named Village"

3) Can the player give a name on save game files?

4) Can I have a "last events" GUI Box, to have like the 50 last events happened? For example, Wood added to inventory, You successfully crafted a weapon, Quest finished etc. etc. So instead of the top info gui box, to have this so the player can have a small history of what happened. And if its that the case, can I also separate them to type of info? (Quest/Craft etc.)

5) Tooltip on mouse over on Item types (tabs) in inventory doesn't show up, is it a feature?

Thank you GIL.
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  • 1) I don't think notifications for updating quest tasks (e.g. collecting a required item) are currently available.

    2) You can add custom navigation markers through the event system (Navigation Marker node).

    3) No.

    4) That can be handled by the console feature - check out the console settings in the Game section of the ORK editor. The console can be displayed with a Console HUD.

    5) There are currently no tooltips for tabs.
  • Ok thank you,

    6) Can I press escape (which is the Main Menu button) and have a highlighted menu to close? to be the default close button, but without opening the Main Menu (overview).
  • 6) No, if the input key calls the main menu, that's what it'll do :)
  • about 4. I created the console and is all good, but is there any way to have the latest event on top instead of the bottom? and (yeah I ask a lot :P ) to fade the text from the earliest event (full) to the oldest visible (very transparent).
  • Enable Invert Console in the console HUD's settings.
    Fading the text out isn't really possible, but if you're using the new UI, you could use a content mask for the content box of that GUI box.
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