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Hello, When my Game Over screen plays, it says "Missing main camera" gray screen before loading the Game Over scene. But my scene does have a main camera. . Also, when I battle my enemies, after I go out of range, my battle HP and Mana window won't go down. So I cannot access my large menu for abilities and inventory to make changes. Then the hp and mana window closes and won't reopen. And 1 more thing, I want to be able to swap spells from my abilities into different spots in my 8 slot battle bar, but I have to hard code which abilities are in which slot . That is the only way they cast. Is there a way around this? Please any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  • 1) If Missing Main Camera is coming before loading the game over scene, you're destroying your main camera before that, e.g. if the camera is mounted to your player and the player is destroyed, so is the main camera.

    2) Does going out of range end the battle? If not (and it should), you might want to check out the Leave Arena settings in your battle system's settings. Otherwise the battle will still be running.

    3) Why do you have to hard code that? Also, there are many different ways to change the assigned shortcuts, e.g. through drag+drop, menu screens (sub menus) or the event system.
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  • Thank you for that. I will have to look at the tutorial more because for my spell shortcut menu, the spells only work if I have them assigned in the order I want them in abilities to learn, and also in the same order in the abilities shortcut order in Combatants.. player.
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