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I have a chicken enemy combatant, he inches forward close to me like he is stuck on something, and does not damage me after i damage him with a spell. Please any help greatly appreciated. Thanks PS. Sometimes when he runs up to me he does damage me, but if he is hit close and comes in, he just inches slowly into me and wont damage.
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  • I'll need more information - what battle system type, how's damage dealth (e.g. damage dealers/zones vs Calculate node), etc.
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    ok. i managed to get the battle working perfectly for chicken and rabbits. The only thing now is that I accidentally removed the red damage numbers for my player, and the numbers for damage for the enemies are white and yellow. I would like the minus sign back with the red numbers. Please any more help greatly appreciated. I am using the damage dealers and zones.

    Also, I have 13 spells, and only 12 show up in my abilities menu. I looked all over for the number 12 or rows in the framework settings, I cannot find out where to add rows to the dropdown of magic abilities. Please. thanks. The 13th spell only shows up if i predefine it into the shortcut in the settings. it is a "shield of earth"
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  • The damage notifications are set up in the status value that is changed - Refresh Notification for recovering, Damage Notification for damage (and critical settings for both).

    In which ability menu - the battle menu or a menu screen?
    In both, make sure your used GUI box is scrolling, otherwise it might just not display the ability when it's out of the context area :)
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    Edit...just figured it out. I had the ability checked off as "hidden" LOL. i guess those tiny little settings matter. Thanks for replying. Now it's time to finish all of my spells and figure out how to do the leveling of my monsters and my player. I want to have cutoffs for each level like they do in Dungeons and dragons. I found the status development and the exp limits look good. I changed the ability fireball to damage (level factor) and use cost (level factor ) with an initial value of 1 and 1 efficiency. Do you know if that means these things will increase as I get experience or level?

    For my character, I changed the experience to be "player development" with level factor, and i made the experience reward "level factor " also. will that make my character automatically fit into the experience curve already made with Ork? I changed the enemy combatants to player development and no experience hoping to get automatically calculated experience. My starting hp now is 300, and my mana is 100, but the spell cost is way too low as it is set by level, and the monster does not damage me, and I do only 1 hp of damage each cast of fireball.

    Also, thank you for fixing my notifications.

    edit: I messed up my battles somehow and reversed the level factor settings, but I want the status and abilities and exp/mana/exp to automatically increase with the level and to the curve . I don't know how to do this. My settings are back to manual now, with defined hp and stats for enemy and my player. it works, but it is not how I want it .
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  • good thing I keep backups!!!
  • There are multiple ways to handle your status development:
    - curves > defined values for each level
    - formulas > calculating the value added per level using a formula
    - custom > having no automatic changes and using other features, e.g. status value upgrades or the event system

    As for experience from enemies, they'll either use their defined experience (i.e. when using status development, the experience from the stat's curve) or you can enable using experience rewards, where you can define a value (or use a formula) for the experience.
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    I want to use the curve, for player development, but I don't know how to link the , stats, and exp increase to that curve so that it happens in my player and enemies automatically, I don't know where to set it up. Do I use "level factor"? I tried that but in the end, I could not get the battle to work right. I don't know where the settings are made for what I want. Is there a tutorial? please. I only saw custom stats for the tutorial. I am having the player get more powerful spells at increments of levels also, making the old spells obsolete. I am trying basically to have the same system as Everquest or Dungeons and Dragons, without having to do it custom for everything.

    I know how to do the spells, all I have do is make a list of them, (abilities) and assign their level learned. For the enemies, i use player development for their level. for the exp reward i am trying to use level factor to go up with the level of the enemy. For level factor initial value and efficiency I don't know what values to put in.
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  • Setting up the curves is part of the game tutorials.
    You don't have to use a level factor formula, but you can if that's what you want - but you'll have to use the Formula status development instead of defined curves.
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  • great thank you!
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