When using the battle camera in a grid battle (in another scene), I'd like to change it's position so that when selecting a cell/target the battle camera is re-positioned to be above the target cell looking down.

There's quite a few camera options in ORK so I've been poking through trying to find a setup that works close to what I'm after. I've noticed that if I set the battle camera to something like, "Look" for example, the camera will look at the targeted cell when it's selected. Is there a way to grab the event object so I can move the camera?

I've tried making my own script inherited from ORKFramework.Behaviours.BaseCameraControl and overriding public override void CameraTargetChanged(GameObject oldTarget, GameObject newTarget), then putting that script on the main camera in the battle scene but the method doesn't get called.
  • Ah think I figured it out, on the Base/Control -> Camera Controls, even if you select "none" for the camera control type (the help text says "you have to add a camera control component to each camera in the scene by hand"), you still have to add your camera script to the custom controls below it.

    Now the CameraTargetChanged() method gets called.

    Still, open to any suggestions on other ways to do this.
  • Without ORK knowing your camera control, there's no way for it to work with it :)
    See this how-to on custom controls for details.
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