I have a project that player can harvest something and wait for the game time (global) using Change Game Variable node, variable type is Game Time, using time offset.

If I change scene without sub game time, the game time will be counted down properly.
But since my game is quite many scenes so I made a map with scene change using event that has Change Variable Node with Sub (Operator) the Game Time offset.

Why I need to sub the game time offset, is because changing scene I also presume they spent some time like player just run to that scene byself.
That's why I need to sub game time offset using scene change from faraway to another scenes for example.

Once back to the first scene I harvested something there, the time offset was not correct.
Game Time Offset was quicker and get result earlier.

And if I re-harvest again for the 2nd time the sub game time seems to be even around 2 times faster.
Thus the result of harvesting items keep giving results faster and faster.
Even though, I use a node to set the game time to 0 again before harvesting again.
Very confused.

Anybody here has similar issue or experience?

Please kindly advise would be highly appreciated.
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    I need to change sub - Game Time to be Value.
    This fixed the problem.
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