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I am trying to set up a Turn based combat battle that starts when the player enters the trigger, following along with the tutorial (but in my own map, and with my own prefabs).

A couple of things: I can see that my player has his starting sword in his inventory, but I don't see it in his hand. What am I missing there? I'm nearly positive that I'm just missing something obvious.

Also, here are my battle settings, just in case the problem is immediately obvious.

And if not, do you guys have any other ideas about why nothing's happening when my player enters the battle's trigger zone?

UPDATE: I added a little script just to make sure that my player can in fact interact with the trigger on the Battle 0 object, and I can see that the trigger is being entered first by the Interaction Controller, and then by the player prefab. At least ONE of those should start the combat, right? I'm not getting any indication at all that the simplestart event is being called at all.


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  • The sword would only be displayed if it's equipped and the equipment viewer that should show it is set up to display in the current game state (e.g. the game tutorials set up the weapons to only show in battle).

    The battle set up looks correct. First thing that comes to my mind that could prevent the battle from starting is the player and enemy factions not being enemies.
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    Do I need to specifically set the combatant to a faction somewhere? Is the player automatically in the Player faction? I have assigned my enemy in the battle above to the Enemies faction under Combatant settings. Do I need to do something with the prefab or the combatant?

    I checked faction sympathy, and player is -100 to enemies (and vice versa, obviously).

    UPDATE: Also, what do I change to make weapons visible all of the time? I've gone through every option I can think of... but there are a LOT of options!

    Also, once again, thank you for taking all of the time to try to answer what I'm sure are, to you, very dumb questions. I genuinely appreciate all of your efforts.

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  • The player defaults to the first faction in newly created projects, which can be changed in Game > Game Settings in the Player/Group Settings.
    As long as the sympathy between the player's faction and the enemy's faction is negative, the battle should start ... so there must be something else going on.

    Has there already been a battle in the scene? It might be that the Scene ID of the battle has already been used, i.e. the battle being marked as finished.

    As for the weapons being visible at all times, set all settings in the equipment viewer's Required Game State to Ignore and disable Combatant in Battle.
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