I just tried the demo of ork and find the camera movement really annoying... I move up, (cursor UP key upward) and suddenly, the camera switch and shows the brown pants dude from a different perspective and while I still hold cursor UP, brown pants moves into a different direction which is camera north (original west). Can I change that? I want traditional camera following player? How to change that? I bought Ork years ago but never had time to start with it. Now I want to get started :D
  • You can change between multiple built-in player and camera controls in Base/Control > Game Controls in the ORK Framework editor. Some of the controls are very basic, as they're just there to get you started.

    Since ORK is mainly an RPG background system, controls aren't a focus for the framework. So you can use any kind of custom player/camera controls with ORK.
  • Thank you. Could I make a game like the current mobile Star Wars game? Star Wars Galaxies of Heroes from EA
  • I don't know that game - can you give some details on the game mechanics?
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