Is there any way to de-spawn an enemy when the player leaves without killing him ? for example when it flees and goes back to starting point, to despawn him but not destroying the combatant spawner.
  • No, there's no despawning - but you can use the hunting range settings to automatically return (move) to the spawn position when moving out of range.
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    Yes this is what i do, but now with unity 5.6 navmesh that the player projects navmesh that builds on runtime, at x meters from the player, (which is what I use due to procedurally generated world), when this happens and I get away from the spot, there is no navmesh for the enemy to get back, and I get console errors.
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    Hm, you could use the Move AI Range settings (Battle System > Battle Settings) to also block the combatant's move AI at that distance to the player.
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    Well thats an option and I tried it, it kinda works but again I get the error of navmesh some times.

    "Stop" can only be called on an active agent that has been placed on a NavMesh.

    I guess it tries to move or something?
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    Yes - the agent isn't on/near a NavMesh, so the move AI trying to move or stop the combatant results in a warning (not an error). You can pretty much ignore that message :)
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