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I have a set of about 50 monsters, that the player can get. Some of them I want to be upgradeable, but I would like to discuss with more experienced people what would be the best process to achieve it via simple buttons.

Let's say I want to upgrade my monster once it reaches level 20. I want to click on "Upgrade" button in his screen and then thought about event that checks for combatant and replaces the level 20 with level 1 new higher grade monster in the player party.

But as my monsters will increase over the months, the "Check combatant" node will have to get 100 checks in one simple event. I'm kinda missing some variable to recognize monster and then give the player his higher grade monster.

Conditional prefabs probably won't help me, because every monster can be dropped numerous times and that changes the prefabs of all combatants.

Can you help me out please?


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    Conditional prefabs only change the prefabs of those combatants that have valid conditions (e.g. level 20).

    Anyway, you could use object variables to mark monsters that can be upgraded, so you'd only have to check for that variable (e.g. a bool variable) and the level.
    In the combatant's Object Variable Settings, enable Use Object Variables and Local Variables. Add the variable change that should mark the combatant as upgradeable (e.g. set a bool variable upgradeable to true).
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    Got your point, however, I will probably have to specify different variable for every combatant, otherwise, it will upgrade all of them who meets the conditions.

    But still, there has to be upgradable only the currently active combatant selected in the menu.

    So what if player got 3 of the same kind, all of them level 20? He needs to upgrade only the one he clicks the "Upgrade" button on.
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    When displaying your combatant using HUD elements (e.g. in a HUD or Combatant menu part), you can use the Global Event click type in a HUD element to fire a global event using the combatant as the starting object - in that event, you could perform the upgrade (e.g. setting an object variable on the combatant, which could be used by the conditional prfabs).
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