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playing music through Ork is easy and really helpful, but how would I add the music channels to audio mixer groups (for ducking during voice clips for example), or how could I add stuff like reverb to it (without adding reverb to everything else)? This is really important for my game.

If I need to access the music player through the api that's fine too, I just don't know how to go about this.

thanks in advance!
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  • The music channels are actual game objects with 2 audio sources (for fading between 2 clips). The game objects can be found under the _ORK game object's Music child object, e.g. for channel 0 it'd be _ORK/Music/Channel 0.

    So, all you'd have to do is find the game object of the channel you want and change the output of the audio sources to your audio mixer group.
  • since those objects only exist when they're being used, should I assume I would have to find them and apply these things through code at the start of each scene they're used in?
  • Yes, pretty much - or change the MusicChannel class to do what you need.

    I can add a setting to define the number of channels that should be created when ORK is initialized, so the channels would be there from the start of the game.
  • That would be WONDERFUL! That would make things much easier so I can apply and remove stuff as needed and they would stay consistent until I change them
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