Hi, Sorry this is general, I didn't think anyone would see it if I put it in general, feel free to move it. Does anyone know of some cool things I could add to my RPG other than quests, crafting, item collecting, and leveling via kills? Please. Any ideas welcome.
  • Riding a horse is cool. I'm curious to see your RPG if you have a demo.
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    I don't have a demo yet, i guess the best i could do for riding a horse would be to make a quest to get special boots like journeymans boots in everquest that will allow you to run at a faster speed in game. good idea thanks!

    edit: i just realized i might not. a player could then cheat in battles by being able to run away too quickly. oh well.
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  • Sorry to change the subject, but does anyone know what could cause my goblin characters to play my sound file ignoring the silent part and looping it too fast when attacking? It does not do that with my other characters, so far only the goblins. I added silence at the end of the grunting sound to make it sound less looped.
  • Fmod sound designer comes to mind as a good solution for this...
  • Using Snorri's elves and dwarves would be cool.

    They sound more like alien encounters than modern fantasy. :P
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    Finally fixed the goblin sound, I just had to shorten it to fit the what the anim would play.
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