I have a top down isometric game and I want the player to rotate around the enemy he has selected. Similar to Dark Souls and Z targeting for zelda. I tried using Rotate To and then a control map to call the event, but when I move the character it stops working.

Also I have a problem with control maps and abilities. When I call the ability through the control map it never works, but if I make that ability my class ability and call the class ability through the control map it works. Not sure whats going on.

  • The Z-targeting would be better solved with a custom control in the long run.

    As for the control map issue, I'd need more details on the setup. Generally, the control map will only use the ability when the combatant knows it (e.g. learned it) and is able to use it (e.g. use costs).
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    Thanks for the reply,

    Sorry to ask, but how would I go about doing the custom control z targeting?

    For ability. The combatant should know it by default and it shouldn't cost anything. I'll check again.

    Also 1 Question that's somewhat unrelated. In the Camera Position section in World. Is it possible to adjust orthographic size instead of FOV?
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  • A custom-built or 3rd party character controller might be the best fit for you here.

    ootii's Motion Controller (with the Sword & Shield Motion Pack add-on) and Invector's Melee or Shooter templates have good implementations of z-targeting and aren't too difficult to bridge with ORK's systems.
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    Thanks for the suggestions I've been considering the Motion Controller. What are the differences between that and the Camera Controller by the same guy(I believe)?

    Do these assets allow me to create a top down game?

    Also would you suggest I make the Player Control Type to none, but keep the Camera Control Type?

    EDIT: I looked at the documentation and it looks like Motion Controller does have a top down setting
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    Camera Controller is an advanced camera system that does a lot more than the basic camera rugs included with Motion Controller. Those basic cameras aren't meant for use in an actual game.

    Camera Controller has one included mode for top down, but it currently just uses a fixed rotation (I think it still does). You could create a custom motor for it that allows for more player control, or you could ask Tim (the developer) to add such a motor.

    PhatRobit's Simple RPG Camera works very well for top down games, and I've used it with Motion Controller before. However, that was for point and click Baldur's Gate style movement. Motion Controller's z-targeting system assumes the use of a camera that implements ootii's camera interface. So you're probably best off using Camera Controller and encouraging Tim to extend the top down motor with whatever features you need.

    If using a custom or 3rd party character and camera controllers, set both control types to None.

    I have bridge scripts for ootii's assets to integrate them with ORK if you need them.

    EDIT: Depending on how you want your camera to work, you might be able to just use the Fixed or Follow camera and adjust the offsets and/or camera target. If the camera is always focused on the player and doesn't need to pan around the area, then you can try this approach.
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  • I would love those scripts if you don't mind thank you.

    I also want to add something.

    My game is 3D the whole way. I use a top down(It's more like an isometric camera, but not that tilted) because I wanted it to be similar to Zelda. However I have a script that changes from orthographic to perspective smoothly for when I want to create cutscenes. Would Camera Controller and/or Motion Controller work with that?
  • Sure, I'll bundle them up for you shortly.

    Camera Controller might not work properly with the script you mention, as it's set up as a camera rig, where the parent object (the Camera Controller) handles movement and rotation and the child object (the camera) represents the camera lens and doesn't move or rotate.

    You could modify the script to move the rig instead of the camera, or you could simply use a second (unparented) camera for your cinematics.

    On that note, a word of warning... Using any of ORK's camera nodes with CC moves the camera object itself (instead of its parent) and when player control of the camera is returned, the camera gets unparented. I've got a script that will re-parent the camera and restore its original local rotation and position values.

    I never had much luck getting an orthographic camera to look good for a top town perspective unless I locked in the x and y axis rotations (which then leads to having to deal with fading obstructions when the character moves behind and that sort of thing). Hopefully you'll have better luck.

    If you look at how they made A Link Between Worlds, you'll see that they cheated by having all of the 3D models tilted so that they had the right appearance in top down.


    Not sure if they used an orthographic projection though. Probably not, given how the camera moves when you turn yourself into a painting.
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    I was trying to study the Zelda thing when I started the game, but I couldn't fully understand it(I never played the game sadly). I tried googling and I couldn't get an exact answer.

    Everything is tilted back, however I don't know if Link is tilted back or is he simply tilted towards the camera? Meaning when the character turned. Which way is he tilted? Maybe I'm overthinking it.

    Maybe just leaving it as perspective would be fine.
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