I am having a really hard time creating a main menu to my rpg game. I have followed every direction in the minigame tutorial and I cant seem to get anything to display at all on the game screen. Does anybody have any steps to accomplish this task lol. Sorry I'm a newbie lol. Very frustrating!!!!
  • I cant get any text to show or a button at all.Would like it to say newgame load game etc.
  • The first thing I'd suggest is to refer to demo project. It has main menu setup already.
  • I did go through the demo project and got a main menu perfectly built. But when I do it on my own still following there directions still doesn't work...
  • It is super super super easy :)
    You just have to follow and not miss a single instruction.
    If you still can't do it, just post a very short test project here and I'll look at it and will see what you did wrong.
  • Check if your time scale is set to 1 in Edit > Project Settings > Time in the Unity menu.
    Otherwise, check if your scene's camera has a GUI Layer component attached (should be standard for a camera).

    If it's none of that, make sure the main menu is called, i.e. either enable Call Main Menu in the game starter in the scene, or enable Auto Call in Menus >
    Main Menu
    in the ORK editor. The Main Menu Scene has to match the scene where the main menu should be displayed.
  • k cool got everything to work now just wondering how can I change the font style? for the main menu.
    Thanks again
  • It's in your main menu gui box, in the font setting. Find a font style that you like on the internet(and make sure the font is allowed to be use commercially), and put it in there.
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