Is it possible to do any of the following in ORK natively? If not, what are some ways I can get it to work while still using ORK?

1) Is there a way to end the status effect after X turns made by any combatant? It looks like Turn End/Start only applies to the combatant with the effect, and Time is only measured in "seconds". I'm thinking of Time measure in the number of turns that passed (important in multi-turn battles).

2) Conditional Status conditions? Imagine a status effect like poison, except if the target has an poison-absorption property/attribute, poison will act like Regen instead. Another example could be a damage-over-time Fire spell would regen fire-based enemies. A common example might be Regen on zombied enemies does damage instead of healing.

3) Can I spawn a prefab while a status effect is active? Imagine the target is in a bubble of water and you can visibly see the bubble. It's not quite an animation because it's the same for every target that gets bubbled, and I don't want to set up a different animation for every possible target when they're all the same. (Imagine just putting a confuse/poison/silence icon above the head of the target).

Any help with any of these is greatly appreciated!
  • You can ignore #3, I just saw the Spawn Prefab section... I think this will do what I want. Awesome!
  • 1) Well I remember seeing in the next update, you will able to put an event at the end of the turn of a combatant. So you could change a game variable with that event to count the number of turns of any combatants, and use that game variable to determine the number of turns it last, and set the status effect to "never ends" so you manually end it.

    2) Set up game variables in your combatants (resist poison, resist fire, etc) and in the change value in the status conditions of your status effect, put a formula instead of a value, and in that formula decide whatever you want to do. The only thing that's left to ask GIL is if you sub a negative number, will it work logically and add it to the HP to effectively regen it. Or if you add a negative number, will it sub it to the HP.
  • 1) That feature sounds very useful.

    2) That's a good idea. It doesn't look like subbing a negative number logically adds it, unfortunately. I'm trying to use set instead of add or sub, but it doesn't look like that is working quite right either. Maybe I have a bug. I'll look more tomorrow.
  • 1) Currently not possible, as @UserName pointed out, next update's turn start/end events could solve that, but that'd still be not a good solution.
    Will look into it to support it out of the box.

    2) That sounds like a classic use for the attack/defence attributes. Only that status effects currently don't use them - I'll look into it :D
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