I don't know who all uses Discord.
But wouldn't it be awesome to have a discord channel for ORK?
I've been using and been joining some game development channels and worked really well so far.
Also it's because I got some questions regarding certain posts but the questions are so small and noobish that I don't want to bother GiL with it. Also a lot of members in here have great knowledge about the framework.

This is just an idea. The forum is definitely nice and doesn't need to change and the discord isn't "necessary" but I was just wondering if it was a good idea.
  • I am up for it. It would be cool for fast member Q&A and ideas
  • I just saw this but that would be cool to start a live channel or something. Even if its not official. I have discord if anyone wanna meet up and chit chat!
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  • Great idea!
  • This should definitely happen. @gamingislove want to set up an official one, or should we make one amongst ourselves?
  • I'll look into it - I'd generally don't mind opening an official discord, but I don't think I'll be able to really maintain regular support on it. A day only has 24 hours :D
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  • Man, I wouldn't want you to admin that all day and all night. I think as soon as you set one up and get the roles and rules up, it'll manage itself. Get some mods n such too to help you. I'm in another game developing discord channel and they made roles for ex. unity experts, ork experts, artwork experts and such... That way they won't be asking the admin all the questions but can go to members too. But think about it. As I said it's not a must, and I definitely don't want you to use up all your time for a discord.
  • Hi.
    So any discord channel set up :) ?
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