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I changed from Legacy GUI to New UI in ORK, menu screen could not be clicked at all.
Can only use arrow keys and enter to move and select.
But if I changed it back to Legacy GUI, menu screen is clickable again.

And it's wired that it happens in some scenes not all scenes.
Can anyone help, please?

Thanks in advance.
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    Found solution. I must start to play the game from Main Menu.

    The problem caused only when I start the game (In Unity editor) directly in the scene using ORK Game Starter with Start Game option checked.
    If the menu not possible to click and I saved the game, after loaded back in, the menu will still not clickable and caused other scenes not clickable as well.

    Solution as said, start the game from Ork Main Menu.

    This project is ORK Framework + RFPSP from Unity asset store.
    I tested with another asset (another project), this wired problem never rises up.
    I supposed it should be something in RFPSP asset caused this to happened to Ork system.
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  • Strange, usually this should also work when doing quick game testing in the scene. Might be the combination with RFPSP ...
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  • Thanks GIL for your answer.
    I believed it should be a conflict of the combination which I did not know the actual cause.
    However, starting game from Main Menu fixed all the things.
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