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Hi there,
I've read a lot about ORK Framework and many of the great tutorials here. I really like the framework and how flexible it is. I am curious about one thing:

Is it possible to use the grid system not only in a separate battle scene but in the whole game - to move on grids outside of combat? I'm planning my game to be turn-based the whole time, similar to how the movement in the classic roguelikes. Something like this at 7:33 -
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  • Currently it's only possible to have the grids in battles - but you could do that with custom controls, or having the game be in battle all the time :)
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    Thank you for the answer.

    If it's in a constant battle mode, I guess it scene transitions can be used too?
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  • I didn't want to create another thread.

    I'm trying to raycast a grid on a 2D battlefield but it inserted like it is a 3D plane.

    I have Horizontal Plane set to XY in Game > Base Settings.
    And also Raycast Type > Only 2D

    When I create a Battle Grid, the following happens (switched to 3D so it can be seen better) - https://i.imgur.com/NUbjtDK.jpg

    It is cast on the Z plane and not on the Y one :(
  • Yes, scene transitions, interactions or picking up items can all be used during battles as well.

    And yeah ... battle grids are currently only for XZ horizontal planes.
  • Ah, so there is no out-of-the box way to use grid battles in a 2D game? :\
  • Well ... yes, it's possible by sticking to the XZ plane instead of XY :)
    XY horizontal plane support for battle grids is definitely coming in future updates.
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    Ah, alright, I will try that. just fear that it will collide (or won't collide in case of 2D Colliders)) with other components.

    Eagerly awaiting future updates!
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  • I don't want to put pressure or sound annoying, but I am just curious if it is a priority or a feature like that will need a lot of work and is planned for the future?

  • I'll try to add this in the next update - I did some quick tests last week and ran into some issues, but nothing that big, just enough to prevent it from going into last week's quick bugfix update.
  • I got to be honest, when I saw the bugfix update, I thought that this feature is included in there :D
  • I may be fast, but not that fast :D
    Well, if there where no issues, it'd have been in it ...
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