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After the encouragement of GIL, I'm opening this thread to post about my first experience of a Gaming Event that I'm attending at the end of this month!

All started when a friend sent me a link with the event details, and I applied mostly for fun, but a month later I got an e-mail saying my booth number and details. Firstly I was scared, to be honest, and decided to just cancel it, but after the encouragement of some friends, I said to give it a go.

The plan is to keep a low profile for this one, meet the community, breaking the ice and start getting my game out there!

My booth is a 2x2x2.5m with good lighting, and most important, it's free! So the budget will stay low, mostly on promo material, which again is not that much.

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  • That is...just fantastic!
    That is one huge banner. Good quality too. Hope it's a success.
    You haven't update your game on here for quite some time, so super curious as to how far it has come now.
  • Cover is really cool, reminds me of Dragon Warrior on NES. Also would love to play your demo when you're ready!
  • Haha that is awesome! Keep it up! :D
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    @Shadow_Fire Its updated quite a bit, brand new textures, effects, and mechanics but focusing on developing now and I m behind on showcase material, a new video is planned for the next week though :)

    Thanx everyone :)
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  • Good luck! You'll need to come back here with a postmortem
  • Looks fantastic! Congrats! Good luck with it. :)
  • I'm really looking forward to your report after the event!
    The banner looks really awesome :)
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    I have a new Gameplay Video that I made yesterday to be ready for the event, you can check it here:

    So first report about the event! On Friday it was the booth setup and met some devs, they played the game and they liked it, they made some comments which cost me my sleep (made a new build at 5am yesterday so..). Today was the first day of the event and my overall experience was very unique, people playing the game that I made is kinda weird, in a good way, the feedback was good and I had a small survey after they played on my iPad too, which had positive feedback.

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  • Dude, that's awesome!
    Mind throwing us the demo too? :D
  • That looks awesome! Must be quite an experience too.
  • Awesome - looking forward to your thoughts after the event :)
    The trailer looks awesome as well, will post that on twitter :D
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    My thoughts...

    I gained a lot from this event, It was kind of a big event here, the Minister of Digital technologies attended etc.

    What I see is that the most old-school devs have stayed behind, and they don't use the tools they can to get their work done faster, and the reason is they want to feel everything is theirs and they made it from scratch, I think. I saw some 2D nice projects, but when I asked how long they work on it I heard something like 4 years and 1 more for release, a team of 3-4 ppl. because they don't use unity or UE4, they just built it from the ground up, admirable but counter-productive in my eyes.

    The reason I m saying this is to encourage people that are just starting out, that they have a fresh mind and they will learn the modern way, and this is to their advantage. Tools like Unity and ORK to a (new) solo developer that starts as a hobby on their spare time, is the only way to build something bigger than a 2d space shooter.

    So for TSD, the event was a blast, I never expected people to wait to play it, and it gives me the courage to keep going. They were also some interviews (u ll not understand the language) and the developers were nice and supportive to each other. I'm happy that I attended, the event was free and that is the reason I went, I just spent some money on a banner and some cards.

    I encourage anyone to start going to these events in their country, more for the networking with the people and see other people playing their game.

    Any questions are welcomed, as for the demo, I don't feel confident yet, but the first Beta test will be from people here for sure.

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