Good morning, team!

This is an unsolicited (meaning GIL has nothing to do with this) request for YOU to consider supporting ORK through Patreon by becoming a Patron. I've been mulling this over for a little while, and rather than bombard you with reasons why YOU should become a Patron, I'm going to lay out the reasons that I did.

I purchased the ORK Framework almost three years ago. I'm just a hobbyist developer, and I love spending my spare hours squirreled away in my office working on my own little imaginary world. As I started down this path, I found that I had some questions: how do I make this particular thing happen? How do I accomplish this specific effect? How do I make the player's experience match what I want?

To answer those questions, I took to the forums. People on the ORK forums are EXTREMELY helpful, and I can generally count on a response for nearly any question I ask, whether it's "Oh, hey, try this!" or "Here's a thread where the exact same question has been answered".

And that's more or less what I expected from the community.

What I did NOT expect is that GIL, the original developer of ORK, would weigh in. CONSTANTLY. He has commented on (I *think*) every single dumb question I've asked, unless (and even some times in spite of the fact that) I have plunked around and answered my own question by more closely reading the tutorials and documentation.

I have NOT ONCE, in nearly three years, posted a question or a concern or an expectation that just went ignored.

I've flitted around and considered various systems, but at the end of the day, ORK does what I expect a RPG engine to do, the creator is extremely involved and responsive, and the documentation and tutorials are FANTASTIC.

And he's managed to culture a really great community, which is no small feat!

So when he said, "Hey, become a Patron!", I decided that it was absolutely worth it. I currently contribute more than the max tier amount, because I genuinely respect the amount of work that goes into this thing. I'm a professional programmer, and while I *could* spend my time writing my own RPG engine, I don't have to. GIL has already done an amazing job, and his efforts allow me to focus on the quest, the weapon, the story, the graphics, and NOT have to worry about the underlying framework of the game.

This brings me to my suggestion: If you're enjoying the ORK framework, and can spare a few bucks each month, please visit the Patreon page and check out the options. I'm not a Patron because I have money to throw away each month, but because the support that is provided warrants my investment, and I'm very happy to help out.

If you can spare even just $1 a month, please consider becoming a patron. GIL has demonstrated over a long period of time that he will support our questions and feature requests, and I can think of nothing more I could ask of a developer. Supporting him, in return, seems like an easy call.

Thank you for your time and attention, and I look forward to seeing what you create with the ORK framework!!

~~ chainsawpenguin ~~

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  • Thanks, I really appreciate this :)
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on!
  • I agree with all of what chainsawpenguin said. I bought Ork just few months ago, but I can say GIL has the best assets by far, because of his dedication to them. If it came to it I'd be willing to pay a montly subscription for them!
  • I too agree wholeheartedly. The thing that makes me stay with Ork is not the how awesome Ork is (of course that is a huge part of it) but it is the fantastic support of GiL.
    Heck, long ago when I was debating on whether to switch to the Unreal Engine, ork was the only reason why I chose to stay with Unity. Thanks for that, GiL!
    His patreon is slowly rising up. I truly wish for it to be a huge success later on.
  • I too agree, GiL has done a wonderful job supporting my own development and despite all the commissioned work I've given to GiL, with every commissioned request I give him, he always finds the time to implement a few smaller features for free.

    While I do think I've definitely done my fair share of supporting ORK through commissioning a string of recent public updates, even I still plan to support GiL on patreon eventually :)
  • ORK is to me, one of a tiny amount of Unity assets that's what I'd call a "superasset." It covers such a wide array of functions and features that it becomes almost an engine itself.

    I've spent $19 monthly on subscriptions like Speedtree only to use it a couple of times and not get much out of the app in time or money invested. The best it can do is provide me with foliage. Whereas ORK was a one-time purchase but it's possibilities are vast compared to niche apps like that (which cost far more in the long run.)

    I could build a tree or build worlds with my investment so I'm choosing to support ORK.

    Of all the things I've seen to date on Patreon, ORK is probably one of the most worthy of supporting. If you've dived into ORK you've already seen that it's a tangible labor of love with proven results and further possibilities. Supporting it will only continue to improve that.

    I signed up this weekend and encourage anyone else considering it to do so as well!
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    Even after 7 years of working professionally as a game designer, GiL remains at the top of my list when it comes to asset and tool developers. He's great to work with and his assets are top notch. I'm happy to support him with what I can on Patreon.
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