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Hi GIL and everyone else!

I've been doing some of the game tutorial ("First Steps") and it seems like a fine framework. I have some questions before buying as it seems to have it's roots in the JRPG tradition more than western RPGs.

How well would it work in making a mouse (and possibly gamepad) controlled isometric RPG (either 2d or low poly 3D). Aside from classic PC RPGs, some modern indies are an influence. For example Eschalon and UnderRail.

So something similar to this (UnderRail trailer):

- One player character with customizable stats.
- Hotbar for skills
- Stealth with backstabbing needs to be a viable play style
- 4 different Movement Types: Sneak (Stealth, slow, does a stealth check, backstab always crits), Rush (Melee, fast, always detected, taking hits raises crit change), Evade (Ranger, crit change goes up when enemies miss), Charge (Mage, wait a turn to unleash a powerful attack).
- Attack skills, and Utility skills (smoke bomb for stealth char, hookshot for melee etc.).
- Exploration Skills like Lockpick, Lore etc.
- Stat checks that affect dialogue (Charisma to persuade, Strength to intimidate etc.)

I haven't done the combat tutorials yet but it would probably be turn-based Grid Battle with checks for stuff like Detection, Crits etc. based on stats.

I've also been doing this tutorial to learn more about Unity: https://www.udemy.com/unityrpg/learn/v4/overview
It to gives good base for action-RPG combat but ORK seems like it would make things faster as so many RPG elements are already implemented.

I understand a game like this is a huge undertaking but I would be looking for collaborators. I've worked on two (a platformer and a metroidvania) games previously, mainly as the Producer/Designer.

Link to HIgh Concept Doc: https://mega.nz/#!grY1zbgT!TZ5BW466Hvk1_cA_spLONI0pXVdGoerpQW0RBSTToCE

Link to DevelTeam site: https://www.develteam.com/Game/Seven-Moon-Saga-A-Sword-and-Tech-RPG

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  • Generally, yes, that should be doable with ORK, at least to some extent.

    The movement types and detection stuff will need some work from your side - it might be doable using ORK's event system and variables, but it'd probably be easier doing some custom scripting for these parts.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I'll be doing the tutorials and some more research before the sale ends and then decide if I buy it.

    Would love to hear comments if anyone has done similar features with ORK, either with events or scripting.

    Should the isometric camera and player controller be easy to do in ORK? For now I'm thinking using Tiled with Kenneys Isometric pack for placeholders.

    Edit: looks like Tiled doesn't work with Unity without buying a pretty expensive asset...

    Edit: I found this free one: http://www.seanba.com/tiled2unity
    Any recommendations on working with an isometric game and unity?

    Edit: This seems good? Bit expensive, though https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/ultimate-isometric-toolkit-33032
    Maybe tiled2unity is the way to go? I've never made an isometric game before...
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    If you want turn-based Grid Battles, then you need Ork. There is no competition. Fifty dollars is nothing; I thought of the hundreds...no, wait, I can't code...thousands of hours Ork is going to save me.

    You should probably download the "completed" Ork demo and skip right to the Grid Battle tutorials, then you'll see. Ork's built-in camera and player controller (mouse movement) is good enough to replicate what you see in the UnderRail video.

    You need to decide whether you want to make your game "always in Grid Battle" mode, or "player gets detected, transition to Grid Battle." X-Com is an example of the former, Wasteland 2 the latter. For myself, I plan on the latter.
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    Thanks @Scyra !
    I'm thinking the latter also. Though I would like to sneak up on enemies and attack before being detected. Maybe pressing a button to go into "battle mode" and I can then try and sneak (or snipe)? I got so caught up with how to do isometric in Unity that haven't been checking the ORK tutorials. Seems like it's doable then.

    There was a short section about 2D in ORK and it recommended custom camera and player controllers. Are you just doing 3D then or using custom controllers?

    There are some nice isometric tile packs out there that I'd like to use with ORK, but I'm not sure what's the best way to go about designing isometric maps, putting colliders on them and have them on Unity/ORK...
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  • I had originally planned on doing 2D but decided that I could get a better result with 3D actors running around on a 2D pre-rendered background with invisible colliders. Example here:

    I use a slightly modified version of RTS Camera Pro, which allows me pan around and push Tab to select new targets. Web demo here: http://voxelfrog.azurewebsites.net/Demos/Public/RTSCameraPro/index.html

    In addition to Ork, I also picked up Invector's motion controller on the Black Friday sale to handle everything else: sniping, sneaking, etc. It also includes an overhead cam which may make previously mentioned one redundant.

    It's just a matter of hooking this stuff up, and for a small price, half my game is already done for me. Professionally done. I can focus my energy more on the creative elements instead of technics.
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    You're doing pre-rendered 2D backgrounds? :O That takes a lot of artistic talent...

    I'm thinking of just going with 3D low poly style with an isometric camera. Using placeholders for now and trying to find an artist or learn myself + use asset packs.

    So this is what you use for motion controller and camera? https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/third-person-controller-shooter-template-84583

    Sounds good, especially once these are implemented:
    "Next updates will bring:
    - Cover System
    - Simple AI Shooter
    - AI hear, search & wandering
    - Stealth Kill
    * not necessarily in that order"

    How is your game progressing @Scyra? Would be nice to see this motion controller in action with ORK handling the RPG stuff.

    I'm kind of tempted now to try a real-time battle system also... Still lots to figure out
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  • Yes, that's the asset I bought yesterday, but I have not tried this fully-featured version yet. There is a free, basic version of it that I used previously and was quite impressed with. Following his YouTube tutorial, I had a 3D model running and jumping around in less than 15 minutes. Try it for yourself - there are plenty of free 3D models for you to test it out on the asset store.

    And, to clarify, I don't use Invector's camera because I purchased a different camera previously (RTS Camera Pro).

    I haven't begun a game yet. I've just been messing around with demos to see if I can get these assets to work together. Invector & ORK was very simple: Movement outside of combat is controlled by Invector, then when a Grid Battle is triggered Invector goes on standby while ORK takes over.

    It looks like it will be possible to use Invector as an "outside of combat" stealth/backstab/sniper module. We'll see.
  • Sounds good! I guess all these sales end on Friday so I'll decide on what to get before that. Probably ORK + Invector.

    How are you building your levels?
  • I'll be spending a couple of months following video tutorials for various terrain generator software, applying my own tweaks to produce a unique final results. There are many tutorials from Gumroad, Lynda, Pluralsight, and the like which show you how to produce very high quality terrains. I'll do post work and texturing in Photoshop.

    There are shortcuts for everything, but this is the thing I would like to get good at. As far as towns, buildings, structures, etc., I will just have to buy those assets because 3D modeling from scratch takes too much time.
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    I was looking at Gaia and then somehow making the terrain low poly. And buying low poly assets.

    Got this nice Adventure Pack from asset store working with the free version of Invector

    Might get the full version of Invector and do a little demo thing with ORK and this low poly pack.

    Still looking for an effective way of doing low poly dungeons and other interiors. This looks great but is pretty expensive: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/dungeons/polygon-dungeons-pack-102677
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    That sounds like a pretty clever way to use Gaia... Hey, you've already got a town and everything. Performance is probably not a great concern with low poly. With what you've accomplished already, going low poly 3D seems an easy decision.

    I like how you started off yesterday saying how you understand a game like this is a huge undertaking and then today you're able to show something that looks like it's deep into development. It looks like you are well on your way to me!
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  • Thanks! I got some good advice :)
    Tomorrow I'm going to try and finish the rest of the ORK game tutorial and go from there
  • Be advised that unlike the Basic version Invector, the full version is absolutely loaded with modules, many of which you are probably not going to want to use (such as the inventory system; things better left to ORK). You'll have to play around with it to get an idea of what parts you want to import/discard.

    Unfortunately, Unity's asset store is often overpriced when it comes to 3D model assets. Other vendors like Renderosity tend to be cheaper, but I don't know of one that sells low poly art.
  • Regarding Gaia and low poly, to convert Unity terrain to low poly vertex-shaded meshes I use https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/59295
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    Thanks @FancyFerretStudios ! I actually found that yesterday, but haven't bought it. So you like it well then?

    @Scyra I was thinking about getting Invector not just for ORK, but I might want to make an action/stealth game at some point. It seems like the full version would be good for that. And it's on sale now :)

    I also looked at the more expensive Ootii and Opsive controllers. Probably going with Invector even though it lacks some features right now (Archery, backstabs). Looking at the forums they seem to be committed to upgrading the asset.

    There are some interesting dungeon generators on the asset store also, but can't buy everything :) I'll try and get a hand-crafted map/demo done first with ORK/Invector/Low Poly Adventure Pack.
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