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I am a new user of ork framework, I am wondering wether ork allows me to do these two types of abilities:

Trigger ability is something that will happen on certain event happening, ex: Counter on dodge enemy attack
Toggle ability is ability that can be toggled on and off, when on, offers passive bonus or do things following rules.
A simple toggle ability example would be "When on, drain health but increase damage by 5",
A more complex example would be "When on, reduce stamina max by 30% as penalty, Self dodge rate + 50%, Counter on dodge enemy attack"

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  • Yes, they're both possible.

    Trigger abilities need to be set up in the battle events that animate the abilities.
    E.g. the counter example would be set up in the battle events of each ability that could trigger it. The Calculate node (used to calculate the outcome of the attack) has an optional Miss next slot, where you'd check for the target's trigger ability and use an Use Battle Action node to perform the counter attack.

    Toggle abilities would use status effects for their bonuses. Using the ability would just toggle the effect on or off.
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