I am using ORK since 2015 and now that I'm a Windows Developer, I would like to port my prototype to Windows Store/Xbox One with a Universal Windows App.

When I'm debbuging my demo on Visual Studio, there are various errors and exporting is unsuccessful. Is there a way to port my prototype into a UWP?

Thanks in advance!
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    UWP uses a bunch of other namespaces than the standard C#/Mono library, mostly related to the reflection functionality. You'll have to change that in the gameplay project.

    However, I can't guarantee that it'll work, as UWP isn't supported officially.
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    Can you be more specific?
    I'm not a programmer... :(
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    I don’t know if you are still trying to do this but I can confirm that ork is compatible with UWP. I have alpha builds of my game working on window 10 store and Xbox. I have posted about it before but if you need some help just let me know. It is an easy process but beware some versions of Unity break the build process.
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  • Is UWP different from Unity Build? Will I be able to just export my build from Unity using the xbox one option ?
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    If you want to use the Xbox One option to build your project you will need to be a member of id@xbox to get the modul, which I’m not yet so I don’t know if it works or not.

    You can create a universal windows platform build though. If you are a windows developer then you can upload it to an Xbox one for testing and release it on the Xbox as well as windows 10 store.

    UWP doesn’t allow you to add achievements to games or use Xbox live for that you will have to become an id@xbox member. Other than that though you can release your game and sell it on xbone using UWP.
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  • I m wondering if with the id@xbox I will be able to have a working build for xbox regarding ORK. So the problem is using UWP but native xbox build works fine with xbox?
  • Ork works fine with UWP which lets you test on the Xbox and sell on the Xbox (but under the UWP store).

    I imagine that id@xbox should work as well but I can’t confirm that because I haven’t applied yet, but I would imagine it works the same way just with extra Xbox live api’s.
  • yes jonjaydee, I wanted to port my game to Xbox One and Windows 10 Store... :(
  • Did anyone made an ORK builded Game on Xbox?
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