I want add a unity sprite for the ork weapon and I add some code in the script of TypePrefabViewPortrait class.
// image sprite
[ORKEditorHelp("Portrait Sprite Image", "Select the image that will be displayed.", "")]
[ORKEditorLayout(elseCheckGroup = true, endCheckGroup = true,
setDefault = true, defaultValue = null)]
public Sprite imageSprite;

And IPortrait class.

public interface IPortrait
Texture Image

Sprite ImageSprite

And some code in other relevant scripts.

I get the new ORKFramework.dll file successful,but it seems doesn't work.
Is there any way to add a spirte for the weapon and show in the editor?
Sorry about my bad English.
  • Wow!It's work!

    I set up the wrong target framework of Visual Studio before.
  • Also, the ORKEditorLayout attribute is used for hiding settings based on other settings, so make sure to use it correctly :)
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