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i hope to get help here :( Sorry at first for my bad english :S and if my post went in the wrong direction.)
I was so happy to find this framework here :) i don't have much time and i hoped to get it finally done to create my own videogame. I have so many ideas and so much fantasy to put in. I know exactly how it have to look and all the other stuff.

But now I'm struggling. 3D modelling is funny but i need so much time for one single torso! I don't know what a big struggle it will be to get done a wolf or something like that.

My drawings are very good, but I definitly want to make an RPG, turn based, in the gameplay-style of "divinity original sin" or "darkest dungeon" i believe is easier, but with my own art and story, and of course my own attacks and classes. But if I import a drawing from a character, i have to animate them. What is the best way to do it? Cause if the char rotates for example, the 2d pics look awful, like stuttering... Terrains are not a problem here, they look fine in 2d.

The essence is: I have no skill in 3D modelling, how can I make 2D look good?
Thanks to you all. All tips are appreciated.

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  • Well for 2D animations try this: http://esotericsoftware.com/

    Otherwise look at different 2d RPG's to understand what you need.
    For Isometric look check Diablo 2, Planescape Torment
    For top down you can try Final Fantasy 6, Old Zelda's or other Japanese RPG's.
    For sidescroller look you know Darkest Dungeon.

    Banner Saga might also be worth a look.

    When you know the style you want, you can search for best pipeline for that art style.

  • Planescape Torment looks fine, but i don't wanna have all these nasty pixels.
    I can paint all the pictures needed with my tablet. For example if I draw a map/terrain in 2k resolution whatsoever. and then i import that picture in unity... what can i do to manage to put all these pictures at the places there they belong without using 3d? cause in 2D there are only sprites and tilemaps and i don't want something generic.

    I thought I could draw my paintings from objects and the background (like layers) and define them correctly in the software, add collision masks and than i have a world... without gameplay at first but then i would know if it works...

    But i am not entirely sure if unity is the right thing. I don't think i can place my artworks in this program, cause there are 3d models ore sprites, no place for pictures. I don't have anything of this. I only have pngs and jpgs in high quality. :/

    Don't know if you know what i mean but:
    I can paint, i can draw AND with ORK i can manage to write a Game concept and a battle system, the whole thing. But i don't know how to get the VISUALS out of my paintings.... :(

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    You might be mistaking Sprites for something else. Sprite is just a unity component to display your image in the game. It does not mean that image has to be pixelated or Pixel Art.

    You can use sprites to import giant ass images and they will look crisp and nice. I have used 4k pictures for sprites. If this is not the case for you, try looking at texture import parameters. https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ImportingTextures.html

    For characters you can use Spine2d software I linked.

    As to your pipeline. You have to first decide what kind of game you want to make.
    Isometric/Topdown/Sidescroller. Based on that you can choose the tools and approaches.

    If you want isometric game like Planescape, these resources might be good to check:

    I would suggest that you go with a Sidescroller look like Darkest Dungeons.

    Another thing you can try:
    Use camera projection technique to easily create pseudo3D environments.

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