While I was working on my game, I had a thought pop into my head. Then I began to wonder if it was worth the effort.
Due to the nature of ORK's menu-based interface (by default) and the turn-based combat, I thought it would be fairly easy to add full controller support. If someone has a steam link and controller, they could plop down on the couch and play.
My thought developed further and thought about the XBox One and possibly the PS4. Right now, the game is designed with a Keyboard and Mouse (PC) interface. So, there would be some re-work needed but not much. The bulk of the work would be the camera and the party creation screen (doesn't use ORK).

Have any of you gone through this thought process? What was your final conclusion?
  • I've made a game that used the XBOX 360 Controller for PC
    Easy as pie and works really smoothly.
    Just search the net for the right axes in Unity for that controller.
    Then set them up in Unity's Input Manager as "alternative positive" and "alternative negative"

    Here's the 360 controller as an example:

    If you have a controller that doesn't have documentation, you can map it out yourself.
    Just set up a controller x and y axis in the Input Manager along with buttons 0-9.
    Then use Debug.Log in a script to print out messages based on the buttons you press.
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