I'm new to ORK and I've been working my way through the game tutorials. Now I want to start my own game, but I'm falling at the first hurdle. I've entered a spawn point in my first scene and set up my player prefab. When I click on New Game in the main menu the first scene opens and the player appears in the right place but immediately moves straight up to about a metre in the air. Place on ground is enabled, and moving the spawn point up and down doesn't help. The player responds to the arrow keys, but up in the air. I also have a problem with the camera. I've added a camera to the scene and set up the camera controls to follow the player, but the camera position stays fixed. Can anyone help please?
  • Sounds like the Character Controller component on your player isn't positioned correctly - or you didn't add one and use ORK's built-in controls, which automatically add it if it's missing (since they need it).
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  • Thank you for your reply. I did not add a Character Controller but followed the tutorial lesson on adding a player. The only thing I changed was to use my character prefab instead of using Brown Pants. Following your reply above I added a Character Controller script to the spawn point but that has not helped. I am new to this so I would appreciate a beginners walk through if that is possible please.
  • Is your character moving in the air as if they were on the ground?

    If so, verify the Character Controller component height in the scene window

    Here is an example of mine.


    You see the sphere collider on the left side? - that is the character controller. If I raise it up my character can 'float' . The highlighted settings on the right will help adjust it. Slope offset was highlighted by mistake (its used for how high your character can walk over things)

    As for the camera; does it stay in one spot and watch you get farther or does it follow the character?

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  • Thank you. That sorts out the height problem. The camera stays in a fixed position. It is a main camera that I put in the scene. Should I have set one up through the Ork Framework editor? Thank you for your help, which I am grateful for. Ork looks really exciting and I am looking forward to getting to grips with it.
  • You can either use one of ORK's built-in camera controls (set up in Base/Control >
    Game Controls
    ) or use any custom control you want.
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