Hi there, hope someone can help. I'm using mecanim animation with ORK and am wondering how to integrate it with the AI functions of ORK. The player itself isn't a problem as I can use a custom script but would like to use ORKs visual scripting for the AI but as far as I can tell you need a controller script for the parameters in mecanim for speed and forces etc. The tutorial I'm following though defines the behaviours in the script so is that gonna get messy? Should I just follow the tutorial, keep the parameter elements of the custom script and then add the visual scripting or is there an easier way? Thanks for any help.
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    If you're talking about the battle AI, that's just selecting which action a combatant uses and doesn't handle any kind of animation. The actions selected by the AI are (when performing) animated using battle events, which can do animation stuff (e.g. change mecanim parameters).
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